Why serious Internet marketers should not use Adsense

As everyone knows how Google Adsense is a great income source for many small and big publishers. Even today bloggers dream of having approved Adsense account. But, serious Internet marketers need to change the opinion about Adsense if they are relying on it completely. It would be much more better if Internet marketers avoid using Adsense on their sites. This may sound bit strange but I am sure at the end Internet marketers would convince with my valid reasons.

Why u Should not use Adsense?

How Internet marketers work

Internet marketers or Online marketers job is to promote the products or services using resources available on Internet. The most common strategies used by Internet marketers are E-mail marketing, Online advertising (PPC campaigns) , Affiliate marketing, Search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization(SEO) and Social media marketing.

When compared to traditional advertising on TV, newspaper and Radio, the Internet marketing is a cheaper way to get sales and leads. There are several tools available for the Internet marketers to measure the success of Internet campaigns which in turn can estimate the ROI ( Return on investment ).

why Internet marketers should not use Adsense on their sites

1.Adsense Will Kill Your Business

The very first reason is that Adsense ads may kill your business. For instance if you are selling paint brushes on your site, Google would start showing ads relevant to your niche. Undoubtedly they could be your competitor’s products. Some users might get attracted to those ads and finally end up with clicking on them. Google may pay you peanuts for the click or impressions, say $0.30 where as you can earn $10 for 1 set of paint brushes.

2. Adsense No Control on Ads

Being an Adsense publisher you don’t have any control on the ads. Sometimes they may show up irrelevant ads and Google won’t reveal the exact CTR (Click through Ratio) at any point. The most annoying thing is that when a user clicks on any ad it would be redirected to the merchant site on the same page. Users may lose interest to visit your site again.

So, it is always advisable to stay away from Google Adsense if you are a serious Internet marketer.

3.providing an opportunity for your competitors

Once again, because AdSense is a contextual program, the ads it serves are based on your web page content. So if your site is all about technology, cell phones and other cool gadgets, and you use AdSense, AdSense will place advertisements on your web pages for products that are related to the technology industry, and are similar to your own products. Thus you will be providing an opportunity for your business competitors to leverage their brand using the AdWords program – the sister platform of AdSense.

To explain further, a competitor can leverage himself by buying sponsored ads using the AdWords system. By optimizing his campaign through keywords, your competitor can easily reach your site through AdSense with less cost. This can cost you much more money than the cents-per-clicks you would get from AdSense.

So remember, you don’t have complete control over who advertises with AdWords, and this can ultimately hurt your overall online business.

4.Google AdSense Make Readers Leave Your Site

This is the number one reason for removing Google AdSense. When readers click on the ad, they leave your blog (ads do not open in a new browser window). While Google does have some CPM ads, the majority of them are CPC based. That means in order to make money with AdSense, a reader must leave your site. When your blog is new and you’re trying to build a readership, the last thing you want is for a reader to leave.

Because AdSense ads are based on clicks, everyone tries to optimize them to increase the click rate and therefore, increase the number of people leaving. And for what? So you can make 25 cents? For a new blog, this is very short sighted thinking. You want to build a relationship with your readers by getting them to opt into your mailing list. You don’t want to send them away by clicking on a Google Ad.

Maximizing blog income is all about maximizing the lifetime revenue per reader. By building a relationship with a new reader instead of trying to get him to click on a Google Ad (and never seeing him again), you’ll grow your blog readership and will make far more money than a Google Ad can ever pay you.

Final Note: Adsense works well for any high traffic information sites like news and technology blogs. But, being a serious Internet marketer staying away from contextual advertising programs like Adsense is advisable.

I hope you all got it why Internet marketers should not use Adsense. Please do share and comment if you like this article.

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