Vibrant Media Review : CPC In-Text Ad Network with Payment Proof

Vibrant Media is a well-known digital advertising network. It works on Cost per click model. Its mainly focused on in-text advertising but publishers could also take advantage of their display ad inventory. Skimlink and Amobee are the strong competitors of Vibrant Media in in-text advertising. Its works with reputed brands and this is the reason they deliver higher quality ads to the target audience. The niches could be anything from technology to lifestyle and health to food. According to their website their global reach is 188.5 Million unique impressions per month.


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To join this program the publisher sites must

1. Generate 5,00,000 page views per month.

2. Have privacy policy

It doesn’t allow sites which host objectionable content like adult, violent material, gambling, software piracy etc. Vibrant Media review every site thoroughly before approving.

Being  publisher one shouldn’t try to manipulate the ad code or offer incentives to click on the ad. Vibrant Media will straightaway ban publishers if found guilty.

Types of ad formats

Vibrant offers in-text advertising, in-image advertising and display advertising solutions for publishers. The ad formats are In-Text ads powered by IntelliTXT, In-Image ads, Display, Mosaic, Lightbox, Storyboard and Brand Canvas. Each ad product has its own purpose. In-Text ads takes its own form by selecting specific keywords. Ad would be displayed when a visitor hovers on the double underlined keyword. In-Image works in the same way as In-Text ads. It shows relevant images based on the keywords. The other formats work when a user hovers over the underlined keyword or image. The ads could be anything from branding page to video. The best part of Vibrant Media is the ads could be visible on all gadgets.


1. High quality ads

2. Ads are very much relevant to publisher’s site content.

3. The ads look professional which might increase the CTR.

4. Users have complete control on ads. The ads would display or play only if user hovers on it.

5. Publishers could use this ads along with other networks like Google Adsense.


1. Small publishers couldn’t monetize their sites with Vibrant Media program.

2. Overuse of ads might annoy readers.


Vibrant Media pays its publishers on Net 45 basis. The minimum payout required to receive via check is $50 and it’s $75 for international sites paid via Wire transfer.

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Vibrant Media Payment Proof


Join This Network

Final Words:

Sites with 500k impressions per month could boost up their earnings with Vibrant Media In-Text, In-Image and Display advertising products.

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