Top 5 CDN Services

Are you looking for the best WordPress CDN service for your website? A CDN service speeds up your website speed by serving cached static content from servers located near your user’s geographic location. In this article, we will show you the best WordPress CDN services, and how CDN helps speed up your WordPress site Read full review on CDN.
Top CDN Provider

Top 5 CDN Services

CloudFlare CDN (Recommended)


CloudFlare offers highly reliable CDN service with comprehensive global coverage. It has 23 points of presence across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, reducing hops and lowering latency to the largest extent. Besides, its developing team builds their hardware from the ground up, choose the hardware components down to the chip level, run their own networks, and make the decision of choosing most strategic server locations to ensure the fastest network connections. Besides, CloudFlare also utilizes an exclusive technology known as Anycast, which routes the accessing requests to the nearest data center automatically.

Why Use CloudFlare CDN

  • Trusted by DigitalOcean, Mapbox, Zendesk, OkCupid, Discord, Quizlet and more.
  • This CDN solution can improve the performance of your site dramatically. This is achieved by their web optimization features and global CDN.
  • CloudFlare CDN views security greatly. Their DDoS protection, WAF and SSL all defend your site from any type of online threats.
  • CloudFlare has more than 35% marketshare by running the fastest, largest and most reliable DNS service.
  • The CloudFlare CDN network can identify the bot and visitor behavior that is not accessible to the analytics technologies.



Akamai is the leading CDN provider, which helps webmasters maintain a fast webpage loading by distributing content from locations close to the readers. It delivers excellent website performance for highly interactive content, including HTML, CSS, audio, graphics, animation, and video by transparently mirroring content. Besides, it delivers secure online date transfer through SSL-content protection, thus reducing the risk of load-based online attacks. At present, it is responsible for serving between 15% – 20% of all web traffic, and used by some popular website like MTV Networks, MySpace, and the Scripps News Networks.

Why to Use Akamai

  • Akamai is used and trusted by 30 of the top entertainment and media companies, 20 of the top global e-commerce sites, 18 of the largest asset managers and 12 of the top insurers and 96 of the top US retailers.
  • Akamai provides the uncompromising security for the risk-free digital experience. All the latest threats can be detected and avoided, such as fishing, DDoS, malware and data exfilteration.
  • The service is achieved by over 200000 servers among more than 130 countries. This means you can get the uninterrupted experience at any time and anywhere.
  • Akamai team has more than 19 years of experiences, coming with a team of over 1600 experts. In this case, the CDN services never sleeps during your digital life.



Max CDN aims at improving the performance of a website, speeding up the page loading speed, reducing bandwidth usage, and increasing SEO rankings. It has already been trusted by more than 13,000 businesses including WP Engine, Mobify, TNW, and DISQUS. To offer the fastest speeds possible, Max CDN build a smarter network than many other CDN providers, with strategically selected data centers offering optimal speeds and lowest latency. Besides, in order to save on DNS lookups, this company utilizes Anycast DNS.

Some Core Features of Maxcdn

  • The CDN service integrates SSL, purges and provisions web content and generate reports in the real time.
  • The Analytics system can figure out what, why, who and how your content performs with the real-time reporting and logs.
  • The service will create the secure tokens and also enable the two-step authentication to better safeguard your web content.
  • There are the exact rules available to control how your web content behaves on their cutting-edge servers.

Amazon CloudFront


The Amazon CloudFront works seamlessly with all the Amazon Web Services available, offering a comprehensive CDN services that enables customers to deliver content to their visitors quickly and safely, regardless of the physical distance and data limits. It will automatically route requests to the servers nearest to site visitors, thus ensure the highest levels of security and speed. Besides, the interface of CloudFront is incredibly simple and easy to use, with which customers can customers store files on servers, create a register of these servers, and use the distribution’s domain name in all web sites effortlessly.

Pros and Cons of Amazong CloudFront

  • Solid CDN services, does what it says on the tin
  • Lots of configuration options, which allow for different setups and pricing strategies
  • Lambda@Edge integration allows for really quite complex behaviours to be executed in the cloud at the edge node itself. This means there are a huge amount of possibilities for shaping and altering traffic close to the viewer.
  • Simple integration to other AWS services (e.g. S3)
  • It isn’t the cheapest option out there, nor is it the most simple to set up. The likes of CloudFlare may be a better choice for small / simple sites, especially if there isn\’t any need for other AWS services.



CDNetworks offers a secure, reliable, scalable and high performing content delivery network service, leveraging the power of Global Cloud Acceleration technology. It is a multinational CDN with expertise and infrastructure in China, Russia and many other emerging markets. As estimated, it has accelerated more than 17,500 global websites and cloud services over 140 points of presence (PoPs).

CDNNetwork pro and con

  • Mature, scalable and established with truly global footprint
  • Great performance in Middle East, Africa, Latin America and China
  • Fast responding engineering support / NOC
  • Offer DNS and Security solutions
  • Supports Cacheable and NON-cacheable acceleration through HTTP / HTTPS
  • IPV6 and HTTP/2 enabled
  • Fully PCI compliant level 1
  • 85% self provisioning online admin (Some service implementation or configuration require support intervention)

Final Word:

If you are tight on budget, then Cloudflare’s free CDN plan can do the job.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress CDN solution for your website. if you find this article intersting then like our fan pages and don\’t forget to comment below about your thought on it.

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