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  • 5 Bitcoin advertising network. Advertise now!
With over 121 Million impressions and 200K clicks on the ads from all over the world in a day.
You can Advertise or Monetize your site using A-Ads.

[Image: Ki%25E1%25BA%25BFm%2Bti%25E1%25BB%2581n%...%2BCPC.png]

For Advertisers.
-You can advertise in any niche, from bitcoin, gambling to adult.
-Advertisers can start advertising in 2 ways. Daily Budget and CPM.
-In Daily Budget, you can create an AD by setting a daily budget, starting as low as $0.01 up to any amount a day, with the CPM of $0.43 (which increases when you increase the daily budget.
-When you will create an AD, A-Ads will show you the estimated impressions and clicks you will get.
-In CPM(beta) mode, you can set the CPM bid and how much traffic you need.
-You can also choose from the publisher web lists to advertise on their Websites.

For Publishers.
-No Approvals is needed for sites. You can monetize any kind of site without wasting any time for getting approved.
-You can monetize your site using A-Ads banner advertising, also you can monetize an Application as well.
-You can OFF or ON the NSWF, Gambling, Shady, Risky Investment ads on your site, so, you have full control which type of ads is shown on your site.
-You can withdraw your earnings to Bitcoin Address with a minimum of 0.001 Ƀ

Other Advantages.
You can also earn 50% of fees collected from advertisers

Have you used this ad network? What's your experience?

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