Teads Review, Payment Proof, Earning Report, CPM, CPA Rates

Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of outstream video advertising and the leading native video advertising marketplace. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new outstream video inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties including Teads Demand. Teads pioneers advertising experiences that respect the user, creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory which previously didn’t exist.

It has 28 offices across 28 countries and employees more than 500 people worldwide. The network has a strong presence in the entire Europe and US, and if you have the good volume of EU and US traffic, you can easily monetize your editorial content with premium video advertisement.


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Approval Process:

  • Accept all types of website/blog
  • Minimum 10k traffic required.
  • Custom domain required.
  • Instant Approve

Teads Ad Unit Types

  • inRead- inRead format instantly transforms any editorial page on any device into premium video inventory. Natively integrated into premium publishers’ content, inRead champions the user experience with viewable and non-intrusive video advertising.
  • inBoard- Drive maximum impact with inBoard video ad unit which is cross-device compatible and loads during first video of the article or story.
  • 360- The first 360-degree native video experience, creates a completely immersive experience resulting in more engagement and brand awareness
  • Custom- Go beyond our standard templates. Build experiences such as multi-story interactive videos and microsites.

Along with the video formats, It also provides a number of display ad formats like

  • Engage– Display creative encouraging engagement. The player counts down directing to a landing page of the client’s choice.
  • Scroller- Transform your landscape or square creatives into an interactive experience. Engage audiences with the scroll of a finger.
  • Swing- By moving a cursor over the image or tilting a smartphone left to right, users will alter the creative revealing an interactive and engaging experience.
  • Carousal- Entice your mobile audience with your full product suite. Using this user initiated slideshow, brands can now sample multiple products with the swipe of a finger.
  • Slideshow- Brands are no longer limited to promoting one product at a time. Display your product suite with this automated slideshow which only begins when in-view on a mobile device.
  • Canvas- With the touch of a button, your audience will engage in a full screen, seamless experience. Allow consumers to view all your products in this viewable mobile presentation.

Teads CPM, CPA Rates:

The CPM rates offered by teads is in the range of USD 15 to USD 20.

Teads Minimum Payout:

Teads network based on CPA, CPM. The minimum payment required for withdrawal is USD 50 and the payments are made in NET 45 days via Paypal or Wire.

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Teads Payment Proof, Earning Report:

Teads make payments to its publishers pretty much on time and we haven’t found any discrepancy in their payment terms with publishers until now. Thus it is a pretty reliable ad network working with top publishers across the globe.

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Final Words:

Teads offer top CPM rates to its publishers if they have good volume of EU and US traffic. Additionally, since the ads are video outstream, the rates are quite high, but again the overall earnings may not be significant because of the low fill rates. Overall, it a great network for additional monetization.

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