Skimlinks Review: Auto Affiliate Network For Publishers

Skimlinks  is an affiliate marketing founded by Alicia Navarro in 2008 with Co-Founder Joe Stepniewski. It is Relatively New Award Winning Company with accolades from Smarta100 (2010 Winner), New Media Age (2009), a4uAwards (2009), and Golden link awards (2010). They have a huge reputation due to their quality services and an advanced technology.Skimlinks Review

How Skimlinks Works?

It is the easiest Affiliate marketing company having well over 18 thousand online merchants that publishers can link to and earn money by selling on their sites. The main important feature of Skimlinks is that, it convert normal merchant links into affiliate links when publishers click on them and it also identifies the product keyword and brand name and turn those into Referral links. In simple words, Publishers don’t have to join an affiliate network of each company. They can add links to their sites from Skimlinks huge list of merchants and it automatically becomes affiliated link. So, they have a very advanced system, right from the account approval to commission tracking. You will never complain about anything, but if you do, then they have a very good support system in place to help you.

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Positive and Negative Points:-


  1. Combines all affiliate networks, so that publishers will have all affiliate links from one company and have one reporting system.
  2. No Wastage of time in converting product links into affiliates.
  3. Publishers can reach faster to the minimum amount as payments from each affiliate will be paid through Skimlinks.


  1. They take 25% of publishers commission with some merchants.
  2. JavaScript code provided by Skimlinks can increase the loading time on your website.

Skimlinks Payment?

They pay their publishers on NET60 basis, which is totally understandable, because every merchant take a minimum of 60 days to clear your money after validation. So, you will have to wait for 60 minimum days to get your payment and the minimum payout threshold is $10.

Adsense -vs- Skimlinks

They both are totally different from each other as Skimlinks is a good affiliate network, which will pay publishers the commission of the each merchant’s product sold, but Adsense on the other hand will pay publishers every time someone clicks on an advertisement. So, we cannot compare these networks with each other, but when we consider earnings, This affiliate company is very good at that, you can certainly call it a Good Adsense Alternative, because you can earn a very good amount if you target right products.

Adsense + Skimlinks = Money

These both networks can be used together as a way to monetize your websites as Skimlinks ads will never look like Adsense advertisements. So Both can be used in conjunction with each other to Make Extra Money.

How to Sign Up With Skimlinks?

It is easy to sign up.You just have to fill in a one page application form with details of your website.Then Skimlinks will review your site within 3 days and you will know whether you will be approved or not. But remember, they will only accept, if you have a quality, professional looking website.

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How to Implement JavaScript Code and Use Reporting Software?

JavaScript inserting into the template is easy as they will provide the proper guide to do so and Reporting Software is also very easy to use as Publishers can filter the Results by different date,Or by domain, Or by merchant criteria. The Final Report in the Reporting Software will be delayed by one day as it takes little time to check the commission.

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Final Words:

So, that’s it for today. Now, it’s your turn to use SkimLinks and Give a true feedback via comments.


Skimlinks Review: Auto Affiliate Network For Publishers
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