RevenueHits review : Online Advertising Network For Publishers

In this article we will disucss Revenuehits,No matter if you have less web traffic  you would differently get a low CPM with other Ads Networorks but with Revenuehits, it’s not like that, here matter what is Conversion Rate.

RevenueHits Review

What is RevenueHits?

Revenuehits is the Industry’s leading CPM Ad Network that lets you monetize your blog and earn money for displaying ads on your blog or site. Either you’re a Publisher or an Advertiser, it’s the best place for you to either start investing or making money from your blog.

Another great feature in this ad network is that it doesn’t matter you have a subdomain from Blogspot or WordPress, it’s suitable for all of them and easy to get an account.

Is it Free to Apply for Reveneuhits as a Publisher?

Creating an account as a publisher is free of cost and there is no hidden cost however if you’re an advertiser and want to advertise your own products on Revenuehits then you would need to have a budget to get started on it.

Can I Get Revenuehits Account For Subdomains Blogs?

This network lets you monetize your subdomains blogs free of cost but make sure your blog receives a good amount of traffic or a good conversion rate or otherwise you won’t be able to make much money with this ad network. If your blogs do receive a good amount of traffic and you have the following subdomains sites then you can get Publisher account for free., etc.

Are Revenuehits Ads Mobile & Desktop Friendly?

Revenuehits has a wide range of Ads types available but the question comes here is whether they are Mobile & Desktop friendly or not. The answer to this question is simply YES*. They are completely Mobile, Desktop & User-friendly. However, Popup ads can irritate your users.

What Payment Options Does Reveneuhits Accept?

Basically, there are three main Payment Options that are being accepted at the time.

  1. PayPal
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Payoneer

If you have any of the above Payment options then you can easily receive your Payments.

How Much Money Can I Make With Revenuehits?

There’s no exact amount you can make with this ad network however this is fixed that you can earn a massive amount of money if you have more visitors to your blog from high-paying countries such as China, USA, Hong Kong, Pakistan etc.

The more your Conversion Rate is, the more money you’ll generate from your Blog.

How To Start Making Money With Revenuehits?

Go to Revenuehits by Clicking here and click on Sign Up button.

There you’ll get a registration form. Fill in the form with your accurate Email Address, Blog URL where you’ll place Ads & choose an appropriate Category and lastly click the SignUp button and you’re done.



Now click the Confirmation Link you’ll receive from Revenuehits in Email & once your account is confirmed, simply click the Sign In button to log into your account.

How To Create Ads For My Blog?

Once you’re all set, now its time to start creating ads for your blog. There are a variety of Ads types available but the following are the most highly paying ads types that can generate you more money. However, it depends on your niche.

1. Banner Ads

2. Footer Ads

3. Interstitial

4. Popunder

5. Shadow Box

Let’s say you want to place Banner Ads on your blog. Follow below guide to create and show ads on your blog.

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Sign In to your Revenuehits account and click on Placements.


Now click New Placement.


Choose any of your Favorite Ad Type.


Once the Ad Creating form is opened, fill in the form and submit it.


Now click the Get Code, copy the code and then paste it before the </body> tag of your blog or site HTML.


Revenuehits Payment Proof

here is my Payment proof of Revenuehits

Revenuehits payment proof

Final Words

This was Revenuehits Review. We hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below if you have anything to share with other Bloggers around.

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If you’re just reading this post and haven’t yet started a blog then get started today.

RevenueHits review : Online Advertising Network For Publishers
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