Revcontent Review: Things You Should Know Before Signing Up

Revcontent has been in operation since 2013 and a lot has changed since then. This is an updated review of Revcontent as of January 2017.


Revcontent Review

Revcontent is one of the most sought-after native ad networks in the online ecosystem, serving some of the important names in the publishing arena such as NBC News, Forbes, CBS and so on. How Revcontent is different from other native networks is that it involves a highly responsive widget, gallery implementations, infinite scroll and unlimited customization of the API to affect the website traffic of their client’s website enormously.

This native ad network holds the widgets of different size, to integrate with client’s blogs and websites to enhance their site traffic and revenue. Its widgets are highly engaging and publishers could choose from a huge list of widgets and performs well in the following niches- media, entertainment, and technology. It benefits publishers by incorporating a widget at the end of the article to help them earn additional revenue from the website and sometimes the revenue can be as high as Adsense. Generally, Revcontent works well on social and viral sites with a good volume of tier one traffic.


Is Revcontent a True AdSense Alternative?

Well, there are instances where Revcontent’s rates for native ads are higher than Adsense but many publishers prefer to use Revcontent alongside Adsense for maximum benefit. Revcontent also performs better than Adsense on social sites. However, in general, Revcontent pays almost the same as Adsense.


What We Like:

  • It is a leading premium native ad network
  • High paying big advertisers
  • A great network for mobile publishers. You can even monetize apps with their ads.
  • They have the best rates in the industryThey give publishers full control over ads displayed on their sites
  • Accurate and transparent real-time reporting system
  • A great support team
  • Low minimum payout threshold of just $50
  • Functional widgets that are even customizable
  • Now updated with a referral program

What We Dont Like:

  • Small time bloggers or publishers cannot join due to a high minimum traffic requirement
  • They have many restrictions

Publisher Requirements

  • Traffic Minimum: 50,000 to 80,000 visitors per month
  • Publisher Language Requirement: English
  • Prohibited Content: Publishers are prohibited from deploying the company’s advertisements on websites that display pornographic, adult, obscene, defamatory, abusive, libelous, and illegal content. Websites with content that promote hatred, violence, discrimination, sale of guns and illegal drugs, and illegal activities including hacking, and malware are prohibited from participating in any Revcontent program. For more information on content guidelines visit:

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Revcontent Company Stats

Revcontent Contact and Support Information

  • Address:5901 N. Honore Ave Sarasota, FL34243 United States
  • Phone: +1941-225-6132
  • Support Email:


Advertisers and Offers

  • Advertising Types: Native Ads, Widget, and Sponsored Content
  • Offer Types: CPC, CPM
  • Verticals: All

Tech Implementation

Revcontent Ads Format

Revcontent provides publishers with highly responsive widgets, infinite scrolls, gallery implementations, and unlimited customization of their API to monetize their websites in the best way possible. After your website is approved, all you need to do is create a site widget from their intuitive dashboard, then copy the javascript ad code provided and paste it on your site to start running ads. The widgets are highly engaging. You can even choose from a diverse range of widgets including technology, entertainment, media and so much more. All the widgets are completely customizable and quite easy to use too. They are 100% responsive which means they can be served on web and mobile platforms without a hitch.

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Implementation Technology: Javascript

Revcontent is fully compatible with Adsense. You can display their ads alongside Adsense as long as your design and style of ads and widgets do not violate their terms of service.


Revcontent Admin Control Panel and Publisher Reporting

Revcontent Dashboard


  • Control Panel: The Revcontent admin control panel may seem overwhelming at first but you’ll soon figure everything out once you click on the Site Widgets button at the top. It is really straightforward and easy to understand once you create your first widget. From your dashboard you can create a site widget by clicking on the green button, customize the widget to your liking, and even save it. You can create a site widget and save it for later use. Your available balance is quite visible from the top right section of the dashboard. You can modify or simply check your account settings and payment details from a drop-down menu that appears when you click your name at the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • Reporting: Reports on each site widget you have created are updated in real-time. After you log in to your account, you’ll find a detailed dashboard that displays statistics on your top performing domains by revenue. You also get an accurate breakdown of Traffic Devices for the last seven days. Each widget’s performance for the last seven days is also available in a graph format. You can view how each site widget performed by impressions, Clicks, CTR, Ad CPC, Ad RPM, and revenue.

Revcontent Payment

  • Payment methods available: PayPal
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

Revcontent Account Help

  • Knowledge Base URL:
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Ease of Contacting Support: Support can be reached via email, phone, or ticket system

Pros and Cons of Revcontent      


  • The native ad network provides responsive widgets that can adapt to both web and mobile platforms
  • They give publishers full control over ads that appear on the publishers’ websites. You can remove inappropriate content any time you feel like.
  • They provide high rates ranging from $3 to $40
  • They have highly customizable widgets that serve native ads that your traffic may never even know were ads.
  • More superior performance of ads than in other networks.
  • They provide the ability to monetize mobile apps with native ads
  • They have an accurate and quite transparent dashboard and reporting system
  • They have a low minimum payout threshold of just $50
  • Their support team is friendly and quite helpful. They are always available when you need them.


  • It is not easy for a small-time publisher to join the network. They have a high traffic minimum for the average publisher.
  • The ad network has a number of restrictions and very high standards which is why they only accept 6% of publisher applications

Final words

Publishers with Revcontent accounts will attest to the fact that this ad network provides some of the highest CPM rates in the industry. Although joining thisis not guaranteed, publishers who are lucky to get an account stand to benefit a lot from the many advantages the network has over other native advertisement companies. If you have the kind of traffic they require then we highly recommend that you give  a try and you’ll never regret it. Give it a try today.

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Revcontent Review: Things You Should Know Before Signing Up
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