Native Ads Arbitrage Tips and Tricks for Publishers and Advertisers

Recent we have Discuss Traffic Arbitrage: Which 10 Things You Must Know About It & AdSense Arbitrage Buy Traffic with New Techniques and Tricks, Today we will discuss Native Ads Arbitrage.

Native ads is on the trend, advertisers used it for so many things. In this article, I will give you an introduction on how to use Native advertising as a traffic arbitrage and monetize that traffic effectively.

If you follow the article instruction I hope you will earn more money then you spend on Acquiring traffic through various Native advertising sites like Taboola or OutBrain.

Native ads are used by sites business insider and CNN to make sure they get traffic for the blog post they write. Another type of sites used native advertising who write controversial stuff or stuff that is that we called “ClickBait”

Click Bait work best for native sites, because one thing that I noted that is most of the sites who monetize their blog posts has added the native ads at the end of the blog posts when user crawl at the end of the article he/she want to read more about other stuff.

In that way, he/she got those native ads with interesting titles and a good and attractive picture. The more attractive your title and picture is the more clicks you will get. That is the simple fact for the native advertising.

In this article we will discuss some topic and some tricks to get better CTR and how to effectively monetize your site, here is the title of the content we are going to discuss.

So we now discuss every of the topic we mention in details.

Native Ads Arbitrage

Best Sites for Getting Native Ads Arbitrage?

So, what type of sites performs well in native advertising? The very basic question before starting a native advertising campaign.

Sites that write content that user is either perform or entertain. Entertain I mean a site that very content based on TITLES THAT Most of the users are interesting like Showbiz or sex.

If you want to know the example then BuzzFeed is the best example.

How to Write a High CTR Article?

I will not waste your time. To get High Click through rate through your campaign just note down these two things:

  1. A very Interesting title of the article
  2. A very Attractive Image may be a girl or a person who is doing an unusual thing.

Native Ad Networks to Buy Traffic for Native Ads Arbitrage

While getting started with CPM arbitrage, Adsense arbitrage or Native Ads Arbitrage, it is important to know that buying traffic from unreliable sources can actually get you in trouble since most of these networks sell fake clicks or traffic. My recommendation would be to build your plan and content which is viral in nature and promote only on these ad networks.

  • Taboola Taboola is a native ad network and is a good source of cheap traffic for certain geographies especially if you’re targeting Asian countries for your arbitrage.
  • Facebook Driving social traffic from Facebook by promoting posts can be quite useful in the long run. It can not only help you drive a good amount of traffic but also help you generate social signals and build a robust brand around your content. Facebook should be one of your primary traffic acquisition sources for your arbitrage site.
  • Revcontent Most of the popular traffic arbitrage sites use Revcontent to buy traffic. Having a good teaser and an image can help you increase the CTR of your ad and hence the overall cost per click will be highly reduced. Revcontent arbitrage is very popular as there are a lot of publishers who also advertise on revcontent and make money from arbitrage.

Does re-targeting actually work?

No one likes to get an ad that is previously ignored. Better is to find more people than that person.

Does Traffic Arbitrage actually work?

Yes, people are making $1000 to $700 per day with traffic arbitrage but the twist is you have to learn it, develop your techniques and make them work for you.

Can Facebook Traffic Arbitrage work?

Yes, Facebook is an amazing way to get paid traffic to your monetize blog but you have to write content like a very attractive image and a very interesting title of the ad you want to run. It is better to target the United States and the United Kingdom.

Final Words:

in order to scale native ad arbitrage, you need to have a proper flow of transaction since you will be flipping your revenue to buy traffic. Additionally, it is important to have good contacts with ad networks. Above all, you need to have a fair idea of filtering bot traffic and traffic sources which are not converting. This would essentially help you manage your campaigns better and generate more profit for every impression that is served. If you need to know more about native ad arbitrage and traffic arbitrage, get in touch for a consultation!

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