How to Make Money Video Sharing Websites That Pay

If you want to upload your video to the web, there are dozens of websites for Video Sharing you can use. With all those choices, why not pick a site that will pay you for your content?

These days, more and more free video sharing websites are paying their members for the videos they upload. What’s more is that some websites will even pay you to watch other people’s videos; you don’t even need to upload your own.

Video Sharing Sites


Make Money with Video Sharing:

Here we are telling you 5 best video sharing websites where online money-making by sharing videos is nothing less than fun.


YouTube is a massive website with tons of users of all different ages. It’s by far the best place to upload videos if you want to share your content with the world. To add to this, it\’s the best place to make money from your videos.

Money comes into play on YouTube when you monetize your videos with Adsense. That is when you allow advertisements to be placed inside your videos. If your videos are popular enough, you can get paid through the partner\’s program.

One-hit-wonder video creators can also earn money if YouTube decides to monetize a single video that’s gone viral.

Learn how to set up your YouTube account to earn money if that\’s the route you want to take.


Use the Viggle app as you watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and other sites, and rake in rewards that you can later redeem for real things like prizes and gift cards.

The way it works is through the Viggle app. Download it and follow the on-screen instructions as you watch live TV or stream from a supported service like Amazon. Earn what’s called Perk Points as you stay and watch the video.

Every one minute of streaming video earns you one point, and there are occasionally opportunities to earn bonus points for even more.

The app works on both Android and iOS.

Similar to Viggle is It\’s similar in that you gather redeemable awards by watching videos but different in that you can watch shorter videos.

For a reference to understand the point system… You can get a $1 Amazon gift card for 1,250 points or a $5 gift card for 5,000 points. You get 50 points just for signing up, and more as you watch videos and take surveys.

Visit your Complete Offers page after signing in to see what you can do right now to earn points.


This is one of the easiest money making video website in the internet.  You can stars to earn money from the first upload, after the approved of your account.  They will pay some decent money.


This is one of the oldest video website in the internet.  It has more than 15,000,000 Unique visitors for every month.  If your video hit in homepage, you can get more money. They would pay you $2000, if your video makes position in the front page of this website. And your picture would get you $ 25 if it becomes a part of the Gallery of the website. Pay through PayPal. You get your share once in a week. You can get more details about revenues sharing and video license selling here.

Join and then go to


Dailymotion is the second biggest video sharing website after the YouTube, it has more than 190 million unique visitors for every month. you can earn by uploading videos and sharing other videos from this site. Dailymotion pays per quarter basis if you have minimum $100 in your publisher account. Payment is made via bank transfer. You can Join Dailymotion Partnership Program from Here

Final Note:

These above listed are just few of the popular sites which actually pays for video sharing and there are many more. If you know any more working sites, do let me know via comments.

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