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Today, we share with you one such advertising network that has an exclusive focus on push is a new ad network with a very original twist. It is the first network that lets you send ads with push notifications. If you are a blogger that is looking for a new way to engage with your readers or drive new people to your site, then this is worth checking out. gives you far more control over your ad campaigns than most other networks. If you use your push notification ads properly, you can see an insane ROI that you may never have thought possible.

MegaPush Review

What Are the Main Benefits of

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons is a great platform for bloggers to reach new people.

Very reasonable CPC

As a blogger, you are going to be more budget conscious than most other marketers. This is one of the biggest reasons is a great solution. The minimum CPC is only $0.001. However, the bid that you need to pay is going to be higher, depending on the region you are targeting and the depth of your targeting strategy. It is still a lot cheaper than running ads on AdWords or Facebook.

Holistic Advertising across desktop and mobile devices

When you are developing a marketing strategy, you want to make sure that users have a consistent experience with your brand at every point of engagement. This is true for bloggers as much as any other brand. This is more challenging in an era where users interact with brands across different devices.

Providing a seamless experience with a multi-device marketing strategy is difficult, because marketing creatives have different sizes and appearances on every device. Targeting options on different devices are also more restrictive with most advertising networks, due to screen size differences and other constraints. makes it easier to develop a consistent marketing strategy across all points of engagement, because push notifications can have a similar appearance on every device and browser.

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Access to a diverse demographic base

Some ad networks have a very homogenous user base. This limits your ability to grow by penetrating new markets composed of different audience segments. has fairly diverse audience. Here is the breakdown of users by age:

You can reach users in almost any age group. At the same time, the largest audience segment is composed of people between 45 and 55, which tends to be the group with the most purchasing power.

You can also reach users from every country in the world. This is another great way to expand your market if you intend to reach a global audience.

Large (and growing) supply of traffic is an abundant source of high quality traffic. It currently drives over 12 million clicks every day. That figure is expected to rise even more as demand for their service grows.

Very reliable support has a very dependable customer service team on standby. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Very simple to use interface has a very straightforward GUI interface. Creating new campaigns is not difficult at all. You can also use the chat button if you need real time support.

The statistics graphs are also very useful. You can see monthly traffic and spending reports. You can also see what your top campaigns were over any period of time. Looking at the graph that says “yesterday’s top 10 campaigns” is a good way to see which campaigns have recently been driving the most volume.

Small deposit requirements and generous deposit bonuses

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started with The minimum deposit is only $100. And should you have any questions throughout the process, support is just a click away.

However, rewards advertisers that make large deposits with points called MPs. The amount of MPs that you earn depends on the deposit. You will receive one MP after making a $500 deposit. You will get 20 MPs after depositing $5000. Each MP is worth $15 in advertising credits. The only catch is that you have to spend 10 at a time.

This means you can really stretch your budget by making large deposits, rather than lots of $100 deposits. It is a better deal than platforms like RTX, which only offer surprise incentives for people that make deposits in a 24-hour period.


Getting started with your first make a push campaign

Setting up a campaign with is very straightforward. You need to start by clicking “new campaign” button, which is the second option from the top in the left sidebar.

You will need to start by making your ad creative by entering the following:

  • A name for your campaign. This will only be visible to you, so choose something that will be easy to remember and differentiate from existing campaigns.
  • The link that users will be directed to after clicking your push notification. This will probably either be your landing page or an affiliate tracking link.
  • A title for your ad. This will be the most visible part of your ad and should clearly convey what the user should expect after clicking your ad.
  • The message that will appear in the body of your ad. It can be up to 45 characters long.
  • The image that will appear in your ad. This will need to be 492 x 328 pixels.
  • An icon that will accompany your ad. This will need to be 192 x 192 pixels.

Once you have made your creative, you will need to set your targeting options. You will need to start by selecting the country that you want your ads to appear. You will see the average and minimum bids for that country in red. If you selected Canada, you would see an average price of 4.9 and a minimum price of 2.0. This means that you will need to pay at least two cents a click to get any traffic, but will need to bed nearly 5 cents to get any decent volume.

You will also be able to choose the browsers, operating systems and devices that you want your ads to appear on. If you aren’t sure which browsers or devices will convert the best, then you may want to consider creating multiple campaigns to test each of them. in Action

You should now have a good understanding of not just how works and can make bloggers money, but also on how to get started with your first campaign as well. To dive into this a bit more, we can actually take a look at a case study that appears on their site.

In this example, the affiliate attempted to push traffic to a cryptocurrency offer that paid $250 on deposit. He ran a campaign targeting Poland, spending just $33.25 at 1.4 cents per click. This resulted in one conversion for a net profit of $216 or an ROI of 651%.

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Final Words: is a great advertising network. You can use push notification ads to reengage with existing customers or push products while they are in high demand. Timing the delivery of your ads and targeting them carefully will help you create some very high ROI campaigns.

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