How to Delete a Blogger Blog Permanently in 3 Minutess

Delete blogger blog permanent

So Are you really messed something up and need to delete a Blogger blog permanently, but don’t know how? You might have encountered an error message you can’t get rid of, or it might be something wrong with the appearance. Blogger lets us to create up to 100 blogs without worrying about bandwidth, but sometimes we just want to reduce the number of junk blogs from list to keep it short and simple. In this case, we may have decided that it is time to delete it. So how do you delete a blog on Blogger permanently?

DO REMEMBER: Removing or deleting your Blogger blog will also delete all of your blog data, including your existing blog posts. This means that your blog visitors won’t be able to view your blog anymore, and that posts and pages associated with Blogger will be removed from your blog.

How to delete a blogger blog permanently?

1. If you are not already logged in, log into your Blogger account at

2. From the Dashboard (that’s the area you see right after logging in that lists all your blogs) select the blog you want to delete. Make sure that you click on the right blog if you have more than one.

3. Navigate to the Settings tab and just below it the Other option. Click on it.
Delete Blog


4: Click on “delete blog” and this window will pop up.

5: It’s highly recommended download your blog first just in case you decide to move back. Once you’re done click on “Delete this blog”

Last step to delete blog

Now your blogger blog will be deleted

Final Note:

Deleting a blogger blog is easier than you think. However, things might get worse when you forget login details or have no access to your Gmail account.

What was the last time you deleted your blogger blog? Was it easy? Is there’s anything I missed in this post, feel free to let me know in comments.

How to Delete a Blogger Blog Permanently in 3 Minutess
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