Convert Search Engine Visitors into Readers

If a visitor find your blog from a search engine, how do you convert them to regular readers? You have gone to a great deal of trouble to advertise your blog through article marketing or some other form of online or offline promotion. You are now reaping the reward for that with a visit, but you only get one shot – what do you do to keep them?

Here are several factors you must consider when attempting to convert visitors into readers. No individual one of these factors will make a significant difference to your conversion of visitors to readers, but if you combine them then the results can make a massive difference to your regular readership.

Convert your Organic Traffic as Customer

Ways to Turn Search Engine Visitors into Readers

Be unique in your ideas

You cannot get success by stealing ideas from others but your own ideas can do well. When it comes to write quality content, always be unique in your ideas and never try to follow the other bloggers just because their links are in top SERPs.

You must get inspirations from other but use your own thoughts to get things done in a great way that not any other is using.

Always be unique with your content and the writing style to make your content not only engaging but easy to read as well.

Always try to pass something only one of its kind but relevant to the niche.

Reader experience is always first

Just like the taste of food makes you return to the cook or restaurant in town, similarly care about the reader experience and give them a reason to visit and read your blog again.

They cannot get the information provided in your blog post if the writing style and tone is not allowing them to understand your writing.

Think about ways that how you can convey something in a great way that readers will appreciate as well.

Give them an offer

All of us want something free of cost or in reduced rates, and offering something free on your blog can convert search engine visitors into readers.

You can offer a free SEO book to the readers of your internet marketing blog in order to bring them back again for more in future.

Quality content

Write for humans, not for search engines
Readers of your blog are humans, not bots, so why shouldn’t spend efforts on writing quality content that readers will love?

Always think before writing that what your readers want from you and how you can provide in a great way.

After completing your writing efforts, read the article like a visitor and rewrite it sounds like overfilled with target keywords.

Consistency is very important

Publishing your post on regular basis can increase the number of readers to an amazing level.

When someone gets some fresh and unique stuff from your blog, he or she will definitely come back at the same time of the day with a hope to get some more and handy as well.

Consistency in publishing posts is one of the great ways to turn search engine visitors into readers

Enable a visitor friendly Subscription Box

Read my post about Push Notification Subscription Make sure your visitors are reaching you through your subscription box easily. Enable a subscription box on the landing page to subscribe interested visitors to your blog. You can also enable a good looking pop-up subscription box.

Finally … Talk to Them

If you want to convert search engine visitors into readers then communicate with them. Respond to emails and set up your autoresponder to thank people by name when they register for your email list. It is not difficult to set up a forum on your blog – this is a great way to communicate with new members and discuss matters with prospects.

Final Note:

If you want to take your blog to the next level and want to promote for marketing then you should grow your Subscriber list.

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