How To Choose Most Popular Niche Blog Topic?

I bet you are eager to start blogging, get a domain name, set up your website and show off your first piece of content.

Don’t get ahead of yourself because you may have forgotten the most important step of your blogging journey, the niche  blog topic. But how to choose a blog topic for your new website?

Choosing the right subject to build your website around is the key.

It’s the most essential step, literally.

It’s the foundation of your blog and if the foundation is wrong then everything might crumble down.

If you don’t know how to choose a blog topic and you end up choosing the wrong one then all your future work might be for nothing.I’m not trying to scare you, just speaking from my vast experience.

In this guide you will learn

How not to start a blog
How I failed when I first got started
Learn from my mistakes:Why did I failed?
How to choose a blog topic the right way
How NOT To Start A Blog

When I first started my very own website I didn’t know much about blogging and sure as hell I didn’t start my first websites on topics that I was knowledgeable about.

What about my second one? Third?

Sadly no.

I started my first, second and third website with one goal and only one, to make money. Care to guess how it went? Total failure.

I tried to do what everybody else was doing and teaching others, the so called gurus.

Do keyword research find a niche write some SEO articles and wait for the money to pour in.

Sounds familiar?

Sure it may work for some people but it sure in hell didn’t work for me! Especially when I had no clue how to choose a blog topic at least.

Why Did I Fail When I First Got Started?
Why did I fail so spectacularly that I even question myself if I was even cut for this?

The answer is very simple.

I made my very first websites on topics I had no idea what to write. But I thought if others can do it I can too, how hard can it be? I would just research the subject and start writing and again wait for the money to pour in

Boy was I wrong. Dead wrong!

As you can imagine this didn’t work at all, hopeless to say I was only fooling myself but I sure was not fooling my readers because they are the true critiques of your blog.

And as long as you don’t understand your readers and don’t provide any valuable information to them they will just…leave.

How I Almost Gave Up

As a total beginner I though this is impossible, but still others were doing so good. What was I missing!?

Was I not doing proper keyword research?

Were my articles not good enough?

I then started thinking that I need backlinks to rank the website and get a few visitors and maybe then the traffic will grow.

Needless to say I had no idea what I was doing and I only wanted to make money.

I was doing everything wrong! First I started with only one goal to make money. It just doesn’t work like that.

Back to basics:

So I decided to make a new website and learn how to choose a blog topic, one that I actually knew, I was passionate about and had lots of knowledge about.

Sure I did do some keyword research so that I could find the best terms for my new website and guess what?

It worked, it worked beautifully.

What Was I Doing Wrong?

The first thing and maybe the most important one is that I wanted to make a website with the only purpose of making money. Not only I did not make any money but I actually made my first priority one that should have been my last priority.

You see when you make a website don’t make it with the purpose of making money and get rich make it so you can help someone.

Provide value to the web. Make your first priority your visitors , as long as you give them what they want you will make money it really is that simple.

That’s why you often hear the term “content is king” because it is!

The true value is in the writing.

How to Choose A Blog Topic
how to pick a blog topic

What would you like to write about? What can you do that others will benefit from reading your blog posts?

Choose a Niche Blog Topic

Here’s how to choose a topic for your blog

Choose A Subject

That You Know And You Can Write About
Choose A Topic That You Love And Are Passionate About
Write About Something You Are An Expert At
Pick A Topic That You Genuinely Want To Learn More About
In my opinion there are 2 types of people who start blogging.

The first type starts a blog from a genuinely interest of solely connecting with people sharing valuable information on the same interests.

His main goal is not to make money but to form a community and help others.

The second type is represented by the ones who want to earn an income online blogging. They make their goal to make money, but usually their blogs lack that precious information that visitors are looking for.

I now present you the third type of bloggers, which are a mix of the above two. They make their priority helping and providing a solution to common problems in their niche while also making a profit from their work.

1.) Choose a subject that you know

Pick a blog topic that you know and you are comfortable writing about.

Ask yourself : “can I write something interesting about this topic?”

How can others benefit from my knowledge?

It’s much easier to write about something you know rather than constantly researching topics that you have no interest for.

2.) Choose A Topic That You’re Passionate About

Write about something you love, something you are passionate about. You can turn your passion into a blog in no time.

You can write beautiful content with lots of personal insight on your favorite passion. There’s always someone who appreciates the personal approach.

Don’t think you have to be formal when you write about something.

3.) Write About Something You Are An Expert At

If you are an expert on a particular field you can start a website on that topic.

Provide your expertise to people and they will love to read your posts.

Being an expert takes your posts to a whole new level, the kind of insights you are going to offer will not be matched by your competitors. Your visitors are going to recognize your expertise and they’re not going to want to check another site.

You’re going to love building your website and everything will seem effortless.

4.) Pick A Topic That You Genuinely Want To Know More About

Last but not least when it comes to how to choose a blog topic and you can’t think of a good one you can always write about something you genuinely want to learn more about.

Start by doing in depth research on a particular subject and after and only after you mastered it start writing about it. Also don’t forget to ask your visitors their opinion. After all you want to learn too right?

You don’t have to be an expert, but at least you should have a reasonable amount of knowledge about that topic to start in the first place.

Final Note

Your first priority should be your visitors, nothing else.

Make sure to keep in touch with them on social media platforms and always make an effort to give them what they want, that is answers, solutions to their problems.

Make sure you add a touch of personality to your blog, don’t be formal, be yourself. Write as if you are talking to someone in front of you.

The reason most blogs are successful is because they give a fresh spin on a particular topic they write about a certain topic in their personal way which makes it attractive.

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