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Brief History of the

Hostinpk was created in August 2008 providing web hosting, resellers and VPS solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. Having experienced poor quality hosting at first hand, Hostinpk Hosting was founded by dedicated hosting enthusiasts with a goal to bring high quality service to the market at affordable prices.

Our pledge is to provide our customers with nothing but the best-quality service and customer support at reasonable prices. We also constantly upgrade our software and hardware to provide a wider range of features, services and servers. It is our belief that creating a successful web presence should be universal, easy and affordable.

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Uptime 99.98%

Solid, consistent uptime is the biggest thing you want from your Web site. Uptime means that your site is, well, up and running. Visitors can click through your site, read your blog, and purchase your goods and services — if your site is up. So, clearly, the closest to 100 percent uptime you can get, the better, although this is a very difficult task to achieve.

HostinPk has an incredible 99.98 percent uptime. They claim and guarantee 99.9 percent, which is industry standard and cited by many different hosts. HostinPk is one of the only to consistently exceed their guaranteed uptime percentage, sometimes even achieving the hard-to-reach 100 percent uptime.

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Server Speed

The Fastest Hosting Provider? Really?

HostinPk claims to be the fastest hosting provider, outpacing their competitors by as much as 20 times. What does speed mean for your Web site? Well, many people cite three seconds as the cutoff point, when Web site visitors will click away from a site that hasn’t yet loaded. Newer research shows in about 400 milliseconds, a visitor will leave, and are more likely to visit a competitor’s Web site if it loads less than 250 milliseconds faster than the one they originally visited.

When I checked out HostinPk, and their bold claims to be so much faster are supported by their technical additions, like caching and hosting fewer clients on shared servers. Oh, and they are also backed up by the facts. They are very, very fast, loading well under the 400 millisecond threshold.

Free HackScan to keep site safe

Once you’ve got your site up and running, you want to keep it that way — and hackers have made it their goal to prevent yours. HostinPk includes HackScan for free, to give you additional security by providing virus scanning, 24/7 monitoring, dual Web hosting firewall, and brute force defense. What’s nice about HackScan is that, unlike other security measures, you don’t need to have any technical background or in-depth knowledge of the software for it to operate correctly. Once you’re up and running, so is HackScan.

Ease of Use

Account Management & the Control Panel – CPanel

The account management pane is very easy to follow, and puts the most popular and relevant features and services in prominent locations. A list of your hosting plans lets you quickly switch between plans by clicking a large blue button. Opening a service ticket is also an option right on the top menu, giving you quick access to their thorough customer service reps — or gurus.

Free Site Migration

As long as you’re using cPanel, HostinPk will migrate your site, for free — and who doesn’t love free? Most sites are running cPanel for their control panel, anyway, and while there are quite a few sites that do offer free site migrations, it’s great to see that in addition to their already great service, uptimes, and speed, HostinPk give customers free site transfers.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Any money-back guarantee is good, so I like that HostinPk offers a full 30 days to decide if the host is for you. As long as you cancel online within that time period, you’ll get a full refund for services paid to HostinPk. This doesn’t include any migration fees, set-up fees, or domain registrations, but that’s normal. You can get a refund on your SSL certificate if you cancel within seven days.

If you wait too long, there’s no need to worry. After 30 days, you’ll get a prorated refund of any unused service. After 120 days, you’ll get your refund via PayPal,Payza. The promise that refunds will be hassle-free, as long as you’ve followed the Terms of Service.


Good customer service is one of the biggest things I look for in a hosting company. Yes, fast speeds and solid uptimes are vital, but if you have a problem and can’t get ahold of anyone, you’re stuck. They have very fast response times, sometimes even connecting with concerned customers instantly. They offer 24/7 standard ticketing and e-mails, as well phone service, every day of the year.

In addition, HostinPk has a fantastic knowledge base where you can look up information you need about commonly asked customer questions. They offer educational video tutorials, and their friendly representatives will point you toward the information you want and need.

Final Verdict

Do I Recommend? Yes I do

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable host for your niche Web site, I really think you should check out HostinPk, especially if you’re ok with paying slightly more for a higher-quality site. They know what their customers want — fast speeds, high uptime percentages, and top-notch customer service — and have the experience and data to back up their claims.

Not many of us have heard about HostinPk Hosting, but it is THE FASTEST type of shared hosting provider. I’m being serious here. Founded in 2008,

They go a long way in supporting their claim by delivering constant uptime ratio over one year. The uptime percentage is 99.98% as opposed to the standard 98.90%. This is because the numerous servers they have across USA, Europe, UK, and Asia.

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