HilltopAds Ads Network Review – Is It Best New CPM Ad Network ?

HilltopAds is a global advertising network that helps facilitate a mutually profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to monetize websites using cutting edge smart tech solutions on their advertising platform.

With an average global monthly impression of about 12 billion, HilltopAds has become one of the leading ad networks in terms of website traffic monetization.

Most advertisers frequently worry about ROI while publishers simply want to monetize their websites in a safe and efficient way. With HilltopAds, this seemingly herculean task has been made quite simple especially because they provide their own ad server solution for website traffic monetization, as well as an efficient and advanced self service platform for advertising campaigns.

HilltopAds Review For Publishers

However, one of the best features of HilltopAds is their ad rotation of eCPM’s in real time. Also, publishers can earn an extra income by participating in the network’s referral program, where 5% is paid for every client referred. Another great feature of HilltopAds is their anti ad blocking solution. This is particularly great news for both publishers and advertisers.

HilltopAds is especially perfect for beginner webmasters with no prior experience in website monetization because there is no restriction on websites. Almost all websites such as micro sites, entertainment sites, gaming sites, blogs, news, etc, are accepted. Also, with a clean and intuitive dashboard, publishers are sure to enjoy a maximally enhanced user experience with HilltopAds.

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HilltopAds Pros:

  • Beginner webmaster friendly
  • Internal ad server solutions
  • Rotation of eCPM’s in real time
  • Anti ad blocking solution
  • No transaction fees for payouts!
  • Net 7 payment with a minimum payment threshold of $50
  • Fast approval of websites
  • Easy sign in

HilltopAds Cons:

  • It’s a fairly new ad network and not as well known among the big players
  • They are still growing their mainstream traffic volume
  • They have less ad formats than most ad networks

Publisher Requirements

  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Publisher Language Requirements: None

Advertisers & Offers

  • Ad Formats:  Mobile and Desktop pop-ups, Display banners, in-Video ads.
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL,
  • Verticals: All (Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, SweepStakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Entertainment)
  • Network Size: An average of 12,000,000,000 global unique ads monthly

Publisher Reporting And Admin Control Panel.

The HilltopAds dashboard is very intuitive with a clean design. It is user friendly and makes for easy management of your account, ads and transfer of finances. It is important that you are well aware of all options available to you in the dashboard so that you can fully maximize your revenues.


The Reporting section is very informative and easy to use as it gives real time statistics for both publishers and advertisers.


Publisher’s Share of Revenue: VariableHilltopAds Review For Publishers

  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Wire, Paxum, e-Payservice, Webmoney, ePayments, Bitcoin.
  • Payment Terms: Net 7. Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

Customer Support And Account Help: 

We found their customer service to be very helpful, knowledgeable and accessible (via Skype)

  • HilltopAds Account Help Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Easy to Contact Support: Yes

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Final Words:

It is without a doubt that HilltopAds is a highly-rated ad network for both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, the benefits are quite enormous as income generation and website traffic monetization are made extremely easy. For advertisers, it is definitely the go-to ad network to get millions of clicks and views for your business.


HilltopAds Ads Network Review – Is It Best New CPM Ad Network ?
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