Genesis Media Review : More Intelligent Video Advertising

Genesis Media is a programmatic video technology company. The Genesis Media Programmatic Video Platform streamlines the connection between publishers and advertisers with its innovative technology and tools. ARENA helps to improve user experience, increase transparency and boosts overall performance. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in New York and San Francisco.

Genesis Media


Best Feature of Genesis Media

Direct. Buy direct publisher inventory from Genesis as verified with ads.txt.

Filtered and Verified. Buy pre-filtered, fraud free ad inventory verified by three of the most trusted third party technologies.

High Performing. Deliver ads to the best performing publisher pages by using proprietary Page Intelligence data. Target specific content and URLs, not just the primary domains.

Viewable. By using better page level data, advertisers can identify and purchase highly viewable inventory verified by MOAT.

Exclusive. Buy exclusive inventory from publisher specific, KPI specific and content specific private marketplaces.

Ad format

Genesis Media offers different sizes of display advertising formats.

Mobile Formats

  • In-Page100% viewable, Skippable
  • Docked 100% viewable, Skippable


  • Full-Page Plays when viewable, Skippable
  • in-Page Plays when viewable, Skippable
  • In-View Plays when viewable, Skippable
  • Full-Page+Plays when viewable, Collapsible, Skippable
  • In-Page+Plays when viewable, Collapsible, Skippable
  • Slider Plays when viewable


Genesis Media shall retain the Fees from each payment from Advertising Entities and shall remit the balance of the Received Client Revenue, if any, to the Client within the time period specified in the Insertion Order.

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Genesis Media Review : More Intelligent Video Advertising
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