Fyber Mobile Ad Network Review

Fyber connects app developers and media companies with advertisers through the power of technology. Across every device. We are an independent advertising technology company devoted to delivering global audiences at scale through a powerful cross-platform monetization & advertising solution. Our SSP, Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation products empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serve over half a billion monthly active users globally.


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Fyber Developers Approval

The average time to approve an account is between 24 and 48 hours. If you don’t hear back from us within that time period, you can contact your Account Manager, or developers@fyber.com with information about your account.

Information for Advertisers

When using Fyber, advertisers and media agencies take their engagement rates to a new level. Due to streamlined access to various ad formats and enhanced cross-platform capabilities, you can reach global audiences.  Professional account managers will guide you through every step of your campaign, from planning and optimizing to testing and tweaking it. In addition, Fyber can assist you with finding new target segments for your app or game.

In terms of campaign types, you can choose from:

  • Video Campaigns: help to increase brand awareness
  • Interstitial Campaigns: can boost visibility
  • Performance Campaigns: generate leads and facilitate sales
  • User Acquisition Campaigns: bring new customers in

Information for Publishers (Developers)

As a publisher or developer, you can take advantage of powerful monetization capabilities that unlock your app’s/game’s revenue potential. Fyber’s global coverage allows you to reach about half a billion users monthly. The company enables SDK integrations with top mobile app developers, providing necessary exposure for your user acquisition campaign.

Fyber offers the following advanced capabilities:

  • Mediation (boosts fill rates, integrates management and optimization of your campaign)
  • Exchange (increases your revenues by connecting with partners and maximizing selling capabilities)
  • Ad server (ensures retention and facilitates ad sales)
  • Publisher tools (control monetization strategy and discover new opportunities)

Account Help & Contacts

Contacts: Johannisstraße 20 Berlin, Berlin, 10117, Germany.

Twitter https://twitter.com/fyber

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/fyber

Email: info@fyber.com

FAQ http://developer.fyber.com/content/

Fyber Payout

Once your account accumulates over €1000 in revenue, you will receive a credit note. After this point, we use standard “Net 45” payment terms,

Final Words:

I hope  this Fyber Review will help Publisher/Developers to get start.The publishers who had tried this native ad network can share their experiences below and also dont forget to send your Payment proof to us.


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