Exoclick Ad Network Review: compare CPM rates, earnings

Exoclick is one of the reputed online advertising networks in the world. its headquarters in Spain. it serves multi ad-formats like banners, text ads, pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial ads. The publishers would be paid on RPM ( Revenue per 1000 impressions) basis. The publishers need to comply with the guidelines to make money with Exoclick.

Exoclick ad Network Review

ExoClick Major guidelines 

1. won’t approve sites which contain hatred, hacking, spam, drugs and illegal content.

2.approves self hosted websites. They strictly deny sites hosted on free hosting services.

3.won’t allow sites designed only to place ads.

4. will not encourage sites that indulge in paying incentives to surf websites or click ads.

The main areas of Exoclick are adult, entertainment, gaming and dating. They provide ads for both web and mobile. The best part is it ads can run along with other network ads. Recently they are allowing torrent and streaming sites.

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ExoClick – Offers & Verticals

ExoClick Widget

  • Ad Types: there are many Ad Types on this platform. Let’s refer to the most popular ones, though. We’re gonna categorize them by volumes:
  • High Volumes: 300×250, 300×100 and Popunder
  • Average Volumes: 468×60, 728×90, 300×50, Mobile Instant Message, Instant Message
  • Low Volumes: 250×250, 120×600, 160×160, 315×300, In-Video, Interstitial, Redirect

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ExoClick – Payment & Investment

Let’s make some money! First, we need to upload a Budget on ExoClick. This is something crucial for us to buy some cool traffic.

  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Paxum
  • Minimum Deposit: depends on each of the payment methods

Wire transfer – the minimum value required to use this specific method is 500€.

Electronic payment – the minimum value required to use this specific method is 200€.


1. Exoclick provides detailed statistics ( Website, demographic location and  time) to all its publishers.

2.  Publishers can also make money with it through their referral system. You will get paid 5% of the income earned by referrals for lifetime.

3. Exoclick support team is good and helpful.


1. Sometimes pop-under ads may annoy your visitors. So it is better to look for other ad formats.

2. Sometimes the ads may not appear on the sites as the ads are geo targeted.

3. CTR is low when compared to Adsense.

ExoClick – Support

  • Personal Account Manager: depending on the importance of your account, you can have an account manager or just the general support. Having an account manager allows you to get a deeper analysis of the account. The help provided by the support team is also very useful, though.
  • Support Response Speed: fast!
  • Support Rating: good. The answers are always clear and friendly.
  • Contact Methods: form contact on ExoClick’s website (for the self-service account) & email. The most important accounts have an Account Manager.
  • Contact: help@exoclick.com

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Final word:

Exoclick works well if your niche is entertainment. You can make good income if your site attracts visitors from Europe. Publishers income purely depends on several parameters like location, content, quality and traffic.

Exoclick Ad Network Review: compare CPM rates, earnings
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