10+ Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Make More Revenue!

Amazon is not just an e-commerce website, but a largest affiliate program in the world. Other than selling tons of products, there are many things who make it stand out in the list of best affiliate programs. You can earn money (thousands of dollars per month) with Best Amazon Affiliate Program, by referring people towards Amazon’s product using a special affiliate link. The key is to send people to amazon’s site with your customized affiliate link.

Once a person will buy through your link, you will get a commission out of sale. You should build a niche website and target high price items for making higher commissions.

So looking for best Amazon affiliate plugins would worth your time. These plugins will help you to insert Amazon affiliate links and localize them. Here is the list of top 10 best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

Top 10 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress in 2018

1. Amazon Affiliate For WordPress (AAWP)

Amazon Affiliate For WordPress is a wonderful plugin that helps you to insert and localize Amazon Affiliate Products for your site without leaving WordPress. Besides that, it comes with lots of other great features. It simplifies the process of creating automated best seller lists and new releases.  You do not need to manually enter information for creating product comparison tables for different Amazon products.

Amazon Affiliate For WordPress automatically updates prices via API. You will never face the problem of violating violating Amazon associates terms for out of date pricing. Real prices would be displayed all the time.

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2. EasyAzon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

EazyAzon will help you to earn more by making more commissions and also by saving your time. It is a powerful Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin. You do not have to make any fuss with code for making your affiliate links. You can control them through site defaults or by checking all links individually. You can easily set links to open in a new window when clicked, apply no follow attribute, display a product pop up, cloak for SEO purposes, prompt a user to add an item to their shopping cart and automatically localize affiliate links. EasyAzon 4 comes with a built in automatic link localizer that will take your Amazon affiliate link and display a link for the Amazon locale based on who is visiting your website. That is a Huge commission booster.

3. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Best Amazon Affiliates facilitates you in importing Amazon affiliate products into your WooCommerce store. With the associated WooZone ASIN Grabber, you can build product lists when you are browsing Amazon’s website. After completing the list, you can import all those products that you curate into your WooCommerce store within seconds just by few clicks.

The plugin localizes the Add to Cart button so that visitors can add the product, and checks stock availability for every country too. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates also supports product and price variations, and a content spinner tool to generate unique product descriptions.  If you like the product, read the full product description as it offers a number of other smaller features.

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4. Amazon Associates Link Builder

The Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress plug-in can help you a lot in integrating Amazon products with your site in an easy and attractive way. It is one of the original affiliate marketing programs. They have been partnering with content creators since 1996.

The Link Builder is a free plugin that is designed to make it easy for Amazon Associates members to search for Amazon products to include on your site. You can directly link to those products, and you do not have to leave your WordPress Editor.

If you are lucky enough to benefit from Amazon Associates Link Builder, you don’t have to manually integrate important product information, like product names, descriptions and images. Link Builder generates shortcodes. These shortcodes are used to select Amazon product data in different display formats and then represent on your own website.

5. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin helps you to import Amazon affiliate products into your WooCommerce store, just like WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. You just have to import the products, and visitors can automatically add them to their Amazon cart right from your store. You can grab product variations, prices, and spin product descriptions, too.

6. Woocommerce Product Table

This is the best Product Table plugin for wordpress as it has more features than others. WooCommerce Product Table is 100% WPML compatible, perfect for your multilingual WordPress site. You can display custom taxonomies, filter by custom terms. and create tables listing products with specific taxonomy terms. System of ordering is super fast.  Your customers can order everything they need within time. This is great for bulk orders, regular customers, food, industrial, spares, trade or WooCommerce wholesale stores.

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7. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a free Best Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin that gives you shortcodes and a shortcode builder as well that can be used to generate Amazon product lists. Amazon Auto Links is bundled with a tool to automatically insert ads in a specific part of your site. You can insert specific products or lists based on categories and search codes, as per your need.

There are ton of parameters to define image sizes, localization and link style. You can also set up your own custom buttons. You do not have to repeatedly search for products. Just pick the categories which suit your site and it will display the links of decent products appearing on amazon today.

8. Amazon Link Localization by BestAzon

As the name depicts, this plugin is used mostly for link localization and it is also best known for it. Once you install Amazon Link Localization by BestAzon, it will localize all your Amazon links. All features work out of the box, and no signups needed. Results would be better experience for your visitors, and more commission income for you.

Though the plugin is free, but you will be needing BestAzon plan to actually localize your links via plugin. The plan starts at $6 per month. 100% uptime and coverage of all Amazon stores is guaranteed.

Also, Amazon Link Localization by BestAzon does not change any of your content unlike many other plugins.

9. Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is WordPress plugin by Geniuslink. Geniuslink is a link localization service that makes sure Amazon links are always localized. It localizes links based on more than just product ID. As Product ID alone can fail sometimes, but Geniuslink tries to always return a properly localized product, even if the product IDs don’t match.

These localized links bring each shopper to the best Amazon store and product for their region in the world. Amazon Link Engine is trusted by thousands of Amazon associates who have been using it to multiply their revenue for years.

When this plugin is installed, your Amazon links are instantly localized every time a user loads the page. Even if we add new links to our WordPress site, each will be automatically converted without any additional work from you. You dont need to do any thing.

10. ThirstyAffiliates Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

ThirstyAffiliates will help you to cloak your links for free in WordPress. You may need to cloak ugly and long affiliate links. Commissions can be protected from theft.

ThirstyAffiliates offers bloggers the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing. It makes management of affiliate links as simple as possible. The process of uncloaking is smart and redirects are safe.

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Final Words:

How well are you making monetization using Best Amazon affiliate program? Have I missed to list any excellent affiliate WordPress plugins or tools!! Share it in the comments below.


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