Bc.Vc Review : Make Money Shortening Links Using This Network

Bc.Vc is one of the popular URL shortening services in the world. Launched in 2011 this network has attracted many advertisers and publishers worldwide. As everyone knows you get paid when someone clicks on the shortened link you send to them. The platform could be anything like Twitter, Facebook, Blog or forum. The best thing is you don’t need to have a website or blog to get started. You can straightaway shorten the Bc.Vc links and share with friends on social channels. Once someone opens the link, they will see an ad for 5 seconds. You get paid for it. This is awesome, isn’t it?

But, if you are a webmaster or a blogger it is the best opportunity to make a lot of money. The users must follow the rules of this network. Bc.Vc review the content and would ban the users if found guilty. Even this network would look your promotional strategies.


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Requirements for users to join

The sites must not

  • Host any objectionable content like adult, spam, hacking etc.
  • Link to the sites containing above content.
  • Shrink adult links.


The users must not

  • Share links on paid to click sites and traffic exchanges.
  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks.
  • Click on their own links or ask others to do. The visitor have to open the link naturally.
  • Redirect automatically.
  • Use bots, PTC sites and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.

Tools for webmasters/app developers

  • Mass Shrinker : You could shorten up to 20 links. You can select 3 types of ad formats : Interstitial advert, Framed banner and No advert.
  • API : This tool is useful for developers.
  • Easy URL Links : You can straightway redirect to your site or blog URL. For instance I can use this link http://bc.vc/172989/banner/www.way2earning.com to make money.
  • Full Page Script : This is useful when you have thousands of links in your blog/website. All you have to do is paste the code and links will be automatically created.


The users get paid on Net 7 basis. The minimum payout is $10. The payment option is PayPal.

Referral Program

The users can boost their revenue referring others. The commission rate is 10% if you refer a publisher. For referring advertiser you get 5%.

Best Features of Bc.Vc

  • Multiple tools
  • Clean ads with no popups
  • You can track the stats using Google Analytics.
  • Lo threshold payout
  • Timely payments
  • Referral system
  • Real time reporting system

Join This Network

Final Words:

Bc.Vc is a great source of income for webmasters, bloggers and social media marketers. The CPM rates ranges from $0.10 to $4. The users who had tried this shortening network can share their experiences below. Hope this Bc.Vc review help users to get started.

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