Althub Review

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AltHub is a multifaucet website with 17 different coins to claim. You can do regular faucet claims or mine the coins. The coins they offer are the following TRX, XVG, DOGE, ETN, SYS, Ada, PURA, PINK, XLM, RDD, LTC, ETC, GAME, UBQ, PIVX, DGB and rud. Yes you read that correctly, thats a lot of coins. You can choose your favorites and adjust your dashboard to it so only rhe ones you like show up. The faucet timers vary from 5 to 15 minutes see detailed statistics in guide below.

Althub Review


So if you haven’t registered yet you can go here, make sure you verify your email if needed after that so you can login. This multicoin site is pretty simple and has normal faucets with shortlink for each currency they offer. But first of all I suggest you pick only the coins you like and activate that coin faucet, this way only those coins will show up with proggress to withdraw on your dashboard. And when focussing on only a few coins you can work your way to a withdrawl way faster. I chose to claim Tron, Doge, Ada, XLM and Pivx.

Once you selected your coins you can easily go to the faucet page per coin hit the icon captcha, run through the shortlink and: faucetclaim completed. Every coin has a maximum amount of claims per day but these are quite high, but you can use them to set a goal for yourself each day.

There is also a level system so far there is not much to gain from this, except from some Power claims you can get. Im not 100% sure you get this from leveling up but I think so. Power claims give you a bonus on your claim, every 24Hrs you can claim a dailly bonus of power claims on the extra tab.

You can also use their webminer to mine for any currecy they offer. Further on they have a 20% referral program so you can let your friends sign up and earn from them. Good luck earning with this site, make sure to rate it on top of the page.

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Litecoin:                Faucetub withdraw   Minimum withdraw:   0.00075000 Ltc
Dogecoin:             Faucetub withdraw   Minimum withdraw: 15.00000000 Doge
Digibyte:               Faucetub withdraw   Minimum withdraw:   0.25000000 Dgb

Tron:                      Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:    1,10000001 Trx
Verge:                    Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:    0.50000000 Xvg
Electroneum:       Direct withdraw         Minimum withdraw: 10.50000000 Etn
Syscoin:                 Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.10000000 Sys
Cardano:               Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   1.10000000 Ada
Pura:                      Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.05000000  Pura
Pinkcoin:               Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.50000000 Pink
Stellar:                   Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   1.10000000 Xlm
Reddcoin:              Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:  1.00000000 Rdd
EthereumClassic: Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.00300000 Etc
Gamecredits:        Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.00500000 Game
Ubiq:                      Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.00500000 Ubq
Pivx:                        Direct withdraw        Minimum withdraw:   0.00500000 Pivx

Referral Program

You can earn 20% of your referrals’ claims from this faucet.


Final Words:

Alhub is scam or legit? I have not Withdraw from this site yet so,whenever my withdraw will successfully i will let you all know that if

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