AdSense Auto Ads Setting and Review and Setting

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Showing the path for more money, Google Adsense, the plug and play ad program has gone completely automatic that is Google Adsense auto ads.

Adsense Auto Ads

Using artificial intelligence, Google Ad sense auto ads can now place ads on sites and optimize them automatically.

Google AdSense has been the highly popular and most successful ad program with no serious competitor to challenge its might. This is despite many ad programs having been arrayed as alternatives.

Till date, Google Ad sense program has outperformed all others with its high degree of user-friendliness, innovation, and overall experience. The auto ads are going to take that greatness to new heights.

If you already have AdSense ads placed on your blog, you can decide not to remove it. AdSense auto ads will automatically detect those ads and place more ads accordingly.
Already using Anchor or Vignette ads? Auto ads include Anchor and Vignette ads and many more additional formats such as Text and display, In-feed and Matched content ads. Note that all users that use Page-level ads will automatically be migrated to Auto ads without any need to add a code to their page. However, logging in to your AdSense account and setting up Global settings for auto-ads for the first time is a good idea.

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How to Enable Google AdSense Auto ads (Complete Guide)

here are simple steps

  • Login to your Google AdSense account
  • Go to my Ads > Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads Setting

  • Click on ‘Setup Auto Ads’
  • Configure your Global settings

Auto Ads AdSense global settings

‘Enabling’ automatically get new formats at the bottom.
Click on Save.
Now place the ad codes on every page of your blog/website. I use Google tag manager for the same. You can use any technique suitable for you. If you are already using Page level ads, you don’t need to do anything.
You can always check the performance of Google Auto ads by going to My Ads > Auto ads and clicking on Statistics.
AdSense Auto ads analytics

Google Auto Ads Video Tutorial

Mixed Response to Auto Ads

So far the reviews have been mixed for Auto ads. It is hoped that AdSense auto ads will draw a bigger response and end optimization hardships.

some Blogger have given bad review on Adsense auto ads like

Some others reasons were:

  • I can’t limit the number of ads to be shown on my blog.
  • I was not able to avoid the place where I don’t want to show ads.

Please show us your experience with Adsense Auto ads by comment below

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