AdSense Arbitrage Buy Traffic with New Techniques and Tricks

Today we going to discuss “Adsense Arbitrage” It is a business model in which you buy traffic from different sources and then you place AdSense Ads on your website or blog in order to earn more money through it.

The more you spend the more you will earn money through AdSense because the end product of the model is to earn more money through AdSense.

How is the profit calculated? It is calculated using a simple business model in which the money you spend on advertising minus the money you generated through that ads will be more than that of the paid traffic.

Here in this article will discuss the following powerful tricks an techniques to get a better ROI through your investment.

We will discuss every trick in order to get successful in this Traffic Adsense Arbitrage business for your site.

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Types of Ad Network by Google:

Google when started monetization then it only relies on Google AdSense, a primary product of Google, then later on while they buy YouTube they started the Video Ads and In-Line ads too in 2006.

Right Now, Google has the following types of Ad Network.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Google Double click
  3. AdX

In this entire ad Network, Google Double Click for publisher yield a high amount due to much-targeted ads and publisher can choose video ads too, which has a generally a high Cost per Impression.

How to Intelligently placed AdSense Ad Codes on your site:

Google AdSense Ad Codes are the codes that you get for placing your ads into your website/blog.

But how to put your Ads Intelligently so that the traffic you are buying for business yield you a high amount of money.

You need to put 5 Ad Units of AdSense on your site as mentioned in the below list:

  1. One Ad Unit above the header, it is usually 970*90
  2. Three Units of the ad in the post.
  3. One sticky ad at the right sidebar of your blog.

In these five ads, you need to Insert 2 link ads into your blog post so that for the better click-through rate. This is one of the best tricks that you need to learn in the AdSense world.

If you follow this pattern you will receive a better CTR which means more earning and high rate of return on your investment.

Best Advertising platform you can use for AdSense Arbitrage

Here are some best platforms that I used for AdSense Arbitrage.

  1. Facebook:

By getting traffic from Facebook ads is most effective and have two advantages, the first one is that you can generate traffic to your AdSense Optimized site and the second advantage is that your following on your page increases.

  1. Taboola:

Why you need to definitely use native advertising network for promoting and getting traffic through Taboola is because Taboola will generate high-quality traffic to your blog, as you may already know that Taboola is most demanded native based ad network, you can promote your articles only through Native advertising sites because it costs low.

There are a lot of more native ad networks like Outbrain and native .com but one thing that Taboola is stand out of all these because of its first emergence in this market and the second thing is they pay 50% to their publishers. One native ad costs some $0.02 to $0.1 to advertisers, the better the syndication of the business model of the advertiser using Taboola the more money he earns.

  1. Buy Traffic through Quora:

You may already know that Quora Is a Question and answered based platform so only articles or blog post based ads are doing very well, there is an option too for the people to Upvote your blog post and let say a popular Quoran upvote your answer then most likely you will get a higher traffic than usual.

Update: Quora now introduces a new way in which your articles that you advertise also has the opportunity for the user to share it through his/her profile, upvote it. The more share you got the more clicks you will get.

  1. Reddit Traffic:

Reddit has its own network for promoting your own link through specific r/topic.

Most of the people on the Reddit are actually people who are pro-articles or blog post lovers, they will read and contribute a lot of traffic stat.

So, we discuss the four possible Ways to get a lot of Traffic that you can use to generate a handsome amount of money.

I actually started with the lowest possible amount of money and at the same time those ads that give me some profit I use it as a future advertising platform.

Ways to Monetize your site through Different ad Networks

Following are some of the ways to monetize your site or blog for AdSense arbitrage traffic:

  1. Google Double click for Publisher: This requires blogs that have more than a million page views per month but still, there are some ways available that you can use in order to get better results. Its alternative is Google Ad Sense, which is easily available to every quality Publisher.
  2. It is a Yahoo plus Bing ad Platform that nearly offers good cost per click as AdSense, keeps in Mind that it offers Good CPC and CPM only for the United States and United Kingdom-based Traffic.
  3. Affiliate: It is a source but you to be very careful about using affiliate products to sell to your traffic.


Tips and Tricks to get Better ROI and Traffic

Here are some of the tips and tricks in order to get a better rate of return on Investment and Traffic:

  1. You published just a single post and go to any of the advertising sites and promote your article, please don’t do that. At least you have a very rich content based site in order to get better ROI because if a visitor just read your one article then he needs to have other choices too in order to get more engagement on your posts.
  2. Target the only United States, Canada, and United Kingdom traffic because this traffic yields high CPC and CPM values.
  3. Always do experiments with different advertising sites, some site will provide you 100 Visitors for $5 while other will provide 40 Visitors with the same amount of money!
  4. Don’t write about topics that are boring or have no entertainment based.

You have to understand the human behavior when writing any type of content; people use the Internet for three main reasons; for entertainment, forgetting knowledge or to get information.

So, you need to target people from any of these categories.

Initial Investment Required for a Traffic Arbitrage Website

The more you spend the better but don’t do that at the beginning stage, let say you invest $10 as your initial investment and you get $15 earning then this means that you need to start investing more money on that type of traffic and then “The more you spend the better you earn”

Tools you can use to spy on other site traffic and get better Adsense arbitrage traffic:

Go to Quora and view different link ads, if you see a link ad of high upvote then write about that topic you will get a lot of visitors.

The Other way is to go to Buzzsumo, where you can see the behavior of social media users and how much they are sharing posts on Facebook and other social media sites.

Final Words:

I would say that if you have an AdSense account then you need to make a site that is just for Adsense arbitrage and write articles on a site like Fiverr and upload it and monetized it through Google AdSense and get out a lot of money through it

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Still, have Questions ask it in the Comment section.

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