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Adnow is a UK-based native advertising network. AdNow is a content recommendation service which provides publishers related posts widget to place on their website. Their related posts widget shows the sponsored content which makes you money whenever visitors view or click the sponsored content.

More than 150,000 webmasters have already used it and made a good profit from it. The sponsored content offered by AdNow is highly content driven, safe and clean. They moderate each and every sponsored content before making it available for publishers. They provide simple JS tag that doesn’t conflict with any other ad network.

You can use AdNow with any ad network including Google Adsense. They do not offer adult advertisements which further ensure you can use it with any ad network. There are some more advantages of Adnow like low minimum payout, weekly payments, safe and clean ads, multilingual support, multiple payment option, easy customization of sponsored content widget etc.

Adnow review sites before approving them.

Adnow Review

The Publishers must not:

Use software to manipulate clicks.
Use proxies and PTC sites for generating fake traffic.
Click on their ads
The sites must not host any objectionable content. They must not have broken copyright laws and must not promote illegal activities.

AdNow follows a reviewing procedure for approving sites. Publishers are required to put the verification code in the root folder of their website. The site is on moderation mode after being verified. The Javascript code needs to be installed on your website to show ads.

Publisher Dashboard

Once you sign up for your publisher account with AdNow, you get access to Publisher Dashboard. It is pretty straightforward and direct in its approach.

After logging in to your account, you would see a screen with a list of your websites. It displays the site name, site URL, the status, and buttons to edit or delete the site.
Adding new sites is allowed. Other navigation buttons are at the top of the screen from where you can access your sites, widgets, and statistics. You can manage profile settings by clicking on your user ID or email address.

Payment Details

AdNow generates payments on a weekly basis when you use PayPal. The threshold is $20 in earnings. However, PayPal takes a fee of 4.5% on each payment. The other alternatives include wire transfer, and Wire InterCash (debit card). For Wire Transfer, the minimum payout is $200. You can also contact AdNow Support Team for other
payment options.

Key Features of AdNow

• Easy Installation
• Global Coverage
• You can use Other Ad Networks, as well.
• Provides revenue tracking and performance analysis in real time
• Facility to Reapply
• Dedicated Support
• Referral System
• Competitive Rates
• And much more

Adnow Payment Proof

Final Words:

AdNow Native Ad Network is even suitable for modest webmasters as it does not lay any strict traffic requirements. It works well for all types of legal sites. Plus, there is no conflict with other ad systems. The CTR is high for native ads that show up right below articles. However, the actual revenue largely depends on the quality of traffic. I hope that this AdNow Native Ad Network review helps you to get started.

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