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Adfly review tells you all you need to know about such as if Adfly is legit or scam, fake or real, Adfly payments proofs, complaints and feedback from members. So, if you are seriously searching for the best Adfly reviews, you have come to the right place. Here, we will not only review its features and activities but also how it works and how to make money with it. Review

What is Adfly? is a URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue. Adfly is a re-directer used by people to get clicks for money with advertising. You have to wait a few seconds then in the top right corner you can click skip ad. They also claim the purpose of it is to shorten the length of links.

Adfly members fall into two different categories, Publishers and Advertisers.

As a Publisher, you will earn money through by placing the shortened links on their website / blog / Facebook / Twitter etc. Each time when any of their visitors clicks on an link they will first view a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click a Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination. They share this revenue with the Publisher of the link.

Advertisers pay for visitors to their website or affiliate URL. They can target a country, set a campaign budget and they are purchasing the visitors sent by our Publishers.

Is Adfly Legit or Scam?

Adfly is not just legit URL shortener but the very best in the industry. They are actually the first of it kind that introduced this system of marketing online.  It is also free to join. If you wish to join AdFly to earn money, you do not need to make any investment or pay anyone money. They pay you! They have been online and paying since 2005 without problem and you can also find adfly payment proofs all over the net. If you are still sitting on the fence on this, we will advise you to give them a try cos you will be glad you did. However, if you join through here and have any issue in the future, will are always ready to help you resolve the problems.

Pros and Cons of Adfly

Adfly is a genuine and good website. It means it has some Pros however it is not possible that a website has pros but not the Cons. Any website that claim not to have fault is a potential scam. So, Adfly also some problems or issues with them.

We will discuss them below:

Pros of Adfly

Easy to make use of, Good Interface.
Easy Registration Process.
Minimum Payout is just $5.
Different Kinds of Tools are also available.
Also has a nice Referral Program to Earn More.

Cons of Adfly

Adfly is banned in some Countries.
Low Payout Rates for a few Countries.
Can be Annoying for the user who clicks the Shortened link.
Sometimes the website may be down so user will not be redirected to original link.
Visitors must have Java Script and Flash enabled before they can reach the link destination.
The main issue with Adfly is that it is banned in a few countries. But in order to overcome this problem they have added some extra domains to go around the bans.

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How To Make Money?

To make money using AdFly, follow these simple instructions:

– Register an account with Adfly

– Login to your AdFly account.

– Enter a website URL in the white box (e.g. and click ‘Shrink!’.

– Copy-and-paste the AdFly link you are given on to your website, in to a forum post or blog post, Facebook status, twitter post etc.

– Every time someone clicks on that link, you will earn money.

– Basically when posting messages on the Internet, replace any normal link with AdFly links.

How Much You can Earn?

This all depends on how many people click on your links. Earning potential is limitless, and grows even further with their referral program which pays 20% of all of your referral’s earnings for LIFE!

How To Install AdFly On Your Blog / Forum:

If you have a website and wish to earn money when a visitor simply enters your site, please use Adfly Website Entry Script.

To find the script, please login to your AdFly account and copy the script located here:

Copy-and-paste the code on to your webpage or blog.

If you want to automatically convert all the links on your blog / forum to AdFly links, you will need to copy-and-paste their Full Page Script.

To find the script, please login to your AdFly account and copy the script located here:

This needs to be pasted into the footer template.

This is different for every blog and forum platform, please consult the documentation.

How You can Maximise Your Earnings From Visitors On A Mobile Device?

Adfly now has  the option for you to enable mobile app adverts. Which means your visitors on a mobile device can see an advert that will automatically open the App Store or Google Play when they click on one of your AdFly links.

To continue, the visitor has to close the program and click the ‘Skip Ad button’.

While some Publishers may not want their visitors to have to do this, it does provide significantly more revenue for the Publisher if they do.

So Adfly are now giving their Publishers the option to include these adverts or not.

To turn on or off this feature, please go to:

and select the relevant setting for ‘Enable Mobile App advertising’.

How Adfly Pays It Members

Adfly Payout via PayPal, Payza or Payoneer.

– – Minimum withdrawal $5.

– – Minimum withdrawal $5.

– – Minimum withdrawal $10.

Payments are made automatically on the 1st of each month, providing you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $5.

To ensure your payment is correct and on time, kindly login to AdFly and go to:

- and enter your withdrawal details.

– For PayPal and Payza, please enter your PayPal/Payza email address e.g.

– For Payoneer, you will need to register an account with them first. Please click here.

Adfly Payment Proof

Where to post your Adfly Links to make money:

  • Post on forums
    Most of the forums permits links in your posts. Find a trending topic that is going to be trending for few months at least (So that you can make money for months). Find forums related to that topic and sign up to them. Find something related to that topic and post on them on the forums. Keep increasing your posts solely (Note: Never spam or you will get banned from forums).You will see your earnings increasing slowly.
  • Comment on blogs
    This is similar to the above trick. The difference is that this time you are posting on blogs that are related to your topic.
  • Using Social Networks
    Social networks are place where people usually share links. Only you have to do is that, find some famous social networks and before posting any link shorten it with But you should take care that a person after seeing the advertisement and skipping the ad, should get something interesting. If he gets something junk, surely he is not going to click your links anymore in the future.
    Note: Most famous social networks like facebook, twitter etc. have banned links. Don’t worry there are other social networks which have not banned them.
  • Using Blog or Website
    If you have a blog or a website, you can use it to make money from Just change your outgoing links to links or you can also their full page script or website entry script.
    Note: I never recommend you to use links on professional blog or website.
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Refer Others

This can be proved to be the way to make most money from Only you have to do is to refer your friends, relatives or anyone to join and you will make money.
Refer Publishers and you will receive 20% of their earnings for life.

Join this Network

Final Words:

Do you have any experience with Adfly? Whether good or bad experience, kindly use the comments section or “create your own review” form below to let people know your Adfly experience so they can learn from it, by giving us your brief Adfly review.

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