Best 7 ways to keep the social media safe from hacking – Stay Safe

Now-a-Days, All your social media, credit card accounts, personal information can be easily hacked only if you do not keep them secure. Imagine someone was hacking into your social media account and gained all your private information, how devastating would that be? You can get in a lot of trouble if people use your account and leak your private information online. We are here to give you some advice on how you can keep your social media accounts safe online.


How to keep the social media safe from hacking?

1. Hide your information

Do not reveal too much about yourself. On the social media profiles, each website will provide different security level. Keep your settings in such a way that only your friends can see your posts and personal information such as email id, date of birth, etc..

2. Spam Emails

You might receive spam emails or message on your account. These messages are usually made using software and will not look like a spam message at all. They might look like it came from someone whom you know but once you click on the link in the email, your private information can be hacked. Stay away from these types of emails which are from an unknown source and shares a link with you.

3. Strong Passwords

You probably have an 8-digit password set on your account thinking it is safe. Well, it is not! Even the password of Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) was hacked. Make sure your password is strong enough. Do not use any common phrases in the password like ‘1234’.

Make a strong password using both upper and lower cases of alphabets, numbers, special characters. Also, avoid using your name in the password or username. This way anyone can guess your username and spam you with emails.

4.Move passwords to a management program.

LastPass is is program that remembers all of your passwords, forcing you to only remember one master password. With so many \”difficult\” to remember passwords, oftentimes you have to end up resetting your password, giving you yet another impossible-to-remember password to add to the mix. You can also sync the service across all of your browsers and devices.

5. Two Factor Authentication

Many social media websites are giving options to enable the two-factor authentication. This is basically a way by which the user’s identity is confirmed by 2 different way, the account password and a confirmation number sent to the user’s number or email.

6. Keep minimum accounts

If you have multiple accounts, close the old ones. Only the accounts, which you use the most, must be kept open. More accounts mean more passwords to remember, more usernames to remember.

The lesser you log in and check up on each account the easier it is to hack them. Only keep one to two accounts in each website which you will check every day and delete others (Keep those main accounts verified with phone number and email).

7. Change Passwords Frequently

Changing passwords every week is the best way to keep your accounts safe. The more you change passwords, the harder it would be to be guessed. Changing the passwords will also log you out of any other devices you might have logged in before. If you have trouble remembering multiple passwords then use a password manager.

There are a few good password managers available. Search them on the internet and install one. They can help you remember the password and they also suggest good and highly secure password to choose. Get a premium password manager to stay safe.

Final Words:

By now, you probably have already understood how easily your accounts can be hacked over the internet. These are the Top 7 Tips to keep your social media accounts secure. Follow these pieces of advice to stay safe and secure. Good luck!

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