5 Popular WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

In these day the Most of the WordPress bloggers receive more than 100 spam comments per day. It is very difficult to handle all of them manually in case you are not among hardcore WordPress experts. Fortunately, there are many CAPTCHA plugins to control SPAM traffic to your site. If you want to add the CAPTCHA feature to your website, i have selected below top 5 solution for you

Captcha Plugins

1. Captcha

This CAPTCHA plugin helps you to apply a super security captcha form into web forms and keep your website aloof from SPAM traffic easily and quickly. The plugin uses math logic for CAPTCHA, which is easily understood by humans. It has no complicated CAPTCHA that includes complicated combinations of letters, pictures, or hard-to-read words. This plugin asks visitors to complete just three simple actions- add, subtract, and multiply. Based on your specific business needs, you can use the captcha for comment forms, password recovery, login, and registration. The plugin supports a number of languages also.

2.Contact form with Captcha:

Contact Captch Plugin is a great for creating a contact form with a built-in CAPTCHA system. It’s easy to use, which is nice if you’ve never done a CAPTCHA contact form before, and it helps you automatically filter any spam you might still get in your email system.

3. Simple Google reCAPTCHA

Simple Google reCAPTCHA is relatively a new plugin, but it is very useful and beneficial. It\’s lightweight and robust, putting only a little burden on your site\’s server. With this plugin, you can protect your website against SPAM and brute-force attacks. It supports BuddyPress and WooCommerce & available in 3 different languages. You can place CAPTCHA on the Comment form, New password form, Registration form, Login form, and Reset password form and humiliate bots easily.

4.Captcha Bank: Anti Spam Captcha Plugin

Captcha Bank is perhaps the most powerful Plugin with which you can safeguard your site from all types of spamming activities. It prevents professional online trollers, Spammers, and bots from flooding your site with SPAM. It has a bullet proof captcha validator which adds an additional layer of protection to your website.

The plugin has different text captcha. You can customize their text color, background, styling, etc, as per your needs. It also has simple Maths operations such as arithmetic, relational or arrange order. If you want, you can make Captcha Case-Sensitive, making it difficult for human spammers to get involved in spamming activities.

The plugin supports important WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Contact Form 7. Place Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form, or any other places on your site and make them safe from automatic submissions of queries.

5. Uber reCaptcha

Uber reCaptcha is a worthwhile option if you are looking for a lightweight and useful CAPTCHA plugin. Using this plugin, you can easily add reCaptcha protection to the WordPress login form, registration form, comment form, and recover password form. This will help you to eliminate spam comments or brute-force attacks easily against your WordPress site/blog and keep it safe. It also Supports audio or image captcha types in a number of predefined languages.

Final Words:

WordPress website security matters a lot for all those individuals who operate WordPress websites with business prospects in mind such as WordPress developers, entrepreneurs, individual businessmen, etc. A secured website can bring about lots of traffic and business opportunities for its owner. You can use the above-mentioned WordPress plugins add CAPTCHA to your site and combat the spamming activities and other types of security risks (to your site) effectively.

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