5 Big Reasons You Will Never Ever Succeed As A Blogger

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Some are practical things and some are mental. Some are easy to fix and others will take some time.

Either way, every successful blog that I’ve come across understands all of these things and always makes sure that they are on point to keep their blog humming.

1. Lost Sight of Your Why

Lots of blogs fail because people simply lose interest in them. While blogs are a great way to make money, money can’t be your only motivation. Blogs solely motivated by money end up sucking and people can see that.

When your blog isn’t making money after 6 months why should you keep on working on it? The one thing you’ve used for motivation isn’t there so why bother? Do you tell your boss you’re going to work for free for 6 months? Hell no.

And molding an awesome blog takes work. A lot of it. You do want some reward from that work, but the monetary rewards might not happen quickly so you need something else to drive you.

This is your Why.

When I sell one of my courses it’s an awesome feeling, but it’s fleeting. Do you want to know what brings about a better feeling? Getting an email from a member of the audience being ecstatic about how I’ve helped them overcome an obstacle. I feed off of that excitement. It can fuel me for days.

I’m psyched writing this post now because I know it’s going to connect with someone and push them on in their blogging journey. I’m not shy about my statements on making money, but helping as many people as possible is the first goal. Money always seems to follow when I do that.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create the lifestyle of their choice.

That is Obstacle.co’s Why. It’s what drives me to write these posts. It’s what inspires me to get out of bed, sit down on the computer, and figure out what else I can give away.

Think of all of the things that you’ve given up on and ask yourself was their a deep emotional connection to any of them. Probably not. When there is no Why there is no reason to stick around.

2. Your Audience Doesn’t Know Your Why

Damn are we still talking about Why? Yep.

The best bloggers understand that they need to connect with their True Fans. True Fans are built around a core message. This core message is your Why.

The reason why it is so important to have one is because it’s the gravitational pull that attracts people to you. Obstacle.co isn’t the only blog that teaches you how to make money with a blog and it certainly won’t be the last. Anybody can replicate the content that I create or the design of the site.

What they can never replicate is my Why because my Why (my message) permeates through everything that I do.

Your audience wants to have that connection with you, but they need something to pull them in first. If they don’t have it why should they bother? There are enough blogs out there to satisfy their needs. They don’t owe you a damn thing.

3. You Aren’t Living Up to Your Promise

It’s probably because the title promised to let you know why your blog journey isn’t working. If the post doesn’t deliver on that promise how disappointed will you be?

This is what happens with a lot of blogs. When building your audience you need to make them a promise. What is the promise?

The promise is the outcome they can expect if they follow you.

Over the next couple of months if you follow along with Obstacle.co and find that your blog isn’t growing or making money following the concepts that I write about, then is it worth paying attention to me?

Nope. Even I can freely admit to that.

There are two main things you need to ensure exists when it comes to promises:

The promise has to actually be visible. When someone comes to your blog what are you promising them? What result will they get by reading your blog? Obstacle.co’s promise is front and center in the giant hero section on the homepage. I help people turn their blogs into profitable businesses. That’s my promise.
You need to follow through on that promise. You must try everything in your power to try and make it happen for the person reading your site.
Remember, your blog doesn’t automatically deserve attention or for people to stay on it just because it exists. You don’t get that privilege and nobody else does either.

4. You’re Selfish

One of the hardest concepts to wrap your mind around when blogging is that nothing you do is for you. Everything is for your audience. That means when you write, you write something that they get value out of, not something that you think is good enough for you.

If you read enough blogs then you can start to get an eye for the ones that will succeed versus the ones that don’t stand a chance. One of the litmus tests is how much value the content on the site provides.

Value is a weird and nebulous concept to try and understand so I’m not going to tell you how to do it, but I know it can’t happen in 2 paragraphs. 400-word posts aren’t going to get the job done for you.

Every post on Obstacle.co is over 2,000 words, not because I like to talk (okay, you caught me, I do), but because I want to make sure I cover everything that is in my mind around the topic. I want you to leave my posts with the feeling that you gained something from them, not that you lost 5 minutes that you’ll never get back.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and imagine them reading your post. What are they going to get out of it that they didn’t already have? Is the information actionable?

They’re the ones with the problem and they are hoping your post is offering them the solution. Does it?

5. You’re All About the One and Done Promotion

When I finish writing a post I am mentally exhausted. I get so hyped on writing a post and put so much energy into writing it that when I’m done I don’t want anything to do with it. Unfortunately, that is just the beginning of the post’s lifecycle.

I still need to do a ton of promotion to get the word out about the post.

For some reason, a lot of bloggers think that when they write a post the magical traffic fairy is going to come around and bring them traffic.

Promotion gets a bad wrap because when we think of the word we think of icky marketers that continue to bother the hell out of us. We don’t think about all of the cool things that we buy for ourselves and how we only know about them because their companies promoted them.

The only time you should feel bad about promoting is when you are promoting shit. Don’t promote shit? You have nothing to worry about.

You’re in luck though because there are a number of awesome tools that can take care of the social media promotion for you. That doesn’t mean your job is finished because you should still be reaching out to influencers. However, life has become a lot easier on the promotion front than it was a couple years ago.

Promoting your posts on Pinterests might be the easiest and best form of promotion for any blog out there. You need to stay in the face of your audience (in a good way) so that they don’t forget about you. Memories are fleeting in this digital age so you have to continue to work on creating new ones.

Final Note :

Doing all these will totally make you a problem-solver (a value adder) and a money breeder.

To round up this awesome guest post, I’ll leave you with the “wise words” from Sir Winston Churchill –


“Don’t give up. Never ever ever ever give up.”

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5 Big Reasons You Will Never Ever Succeed As A Blogger
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