10 Useful WordPress Star Rating Plugins With Google Rich Snippets

The five Star Rating Plugins is one that says so much, so quickly. Browsing movies, products, comments? No matter. A quick glance at a rating is a great way to communicate.

So why not add it to your blog comments, digital downloads, product sales, or media reviews?

You can easily add a WordPress star rating plugin to your website—no matter what you’re interested in allowing users to rate.

Dive into these 10 best WordPress star rating plugins and see if you can find your five-star solution.

Star Rating Plugins for WordPress

1.WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema. It’s a free plugin that lets you add a schema for:

  • Articles
  • Local Businesses
  • Events
  • Products
  • Organizations
  • Videos
  • Services
  • Reviews
  • Aggregate Ratings
  • Restaurants

Unlike the other plugins mentioned in this list, configuring this plugin might be a little confusing to you as it has many options. But if you want to have complete control over everything, this might be the right plugin for you.

The plugin also comes with a pro version which has the following features:

  • Auto-fill function
  • Custom post type support
  • WordPress multisite support
  • More schema types (books, courses, job postings, music, movies, recipes, TV episode etc)

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2.All In One Rich Snippet

This free plugin lets you display all types rich snippets in the Google search results. In case you don’t know what a rich snippet is, here’s a quick definition:

A rich snippet is a short description of your page on the search result page. Rich snippets can be in the form of images, price, author name, star ratings, and more.

All In One Rich Snippets supports the following types of content formats:

  • Review
  • Event
  • Product
  • People
  • Recipe
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Software Application

This is one of the simplest solutions out there to display star ratings for your article on the search result. All you have to do is to select the type of post in your WordPress post editor and you’re all set!

The plugin is available for free and is definitely one of the best star rating plugin for WordPress.

3.Schema Pro

This plugin is by the developer of All In One Rich Snippets. You can call this plugin as its upgrade.

Schema Pro supports the following types of rich snippets:

  • Review
  • Local Business
  • Article
  • Service
  • Product
  • Course
  • Recipe
  • Person
  • Job Postings
  • Software Application
  • Book
  • Event
  • Video Object

Just like All In One Rich Snippets, the plugin is very easy to use. You just have to select your post type and choose your target.

Unlike All In One Rich Snippets, Schema Pro is not a free plugin as it costs $59.

You can also buy the agency bundle of the plugin that includes other products from the developer. Some of these products are Astra Theme, Convert Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and more. The agency bundle costs $249.

4. WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin

When five stars aren\’t enough, you need the WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin.

Not only does this WordPress star rating plugin work with WooCommerce, it works with any WordPress post, post type, and page. You can even drop it in using a short-code or add it directly to your theme.

Features include:

  • customize the number of stars
  • list in grid/list view and detailed view
  • integrate into all post types or only those specified
  • a different number of stars can be displayed based on display view
  • and more

One of the best features is the vote count system, allowing logged-in users to use AJAX. This makes WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin a “simple yet powerful rating solution with industry-leading accuracy in displaying decimal ratings.”

5. Sama Author Review WordPress Plugin

The Sama Author Review WordPress Plugin is one of the more noteworthy designs in the WordPress star rating plugin space.

Features include:

  • allowing any user to leave a rating or only those logged in
  • supports Schema for Google Rich Snippet
  • three custom widgets and WPML support

And includes three different styles:

  1. Stars
  2. Points
  3. Percentages

With its unique design, the Sama Author Review WordPress Plugin is worth your attention.

6. WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review

This is a WordPress Star Rating Plugins made for WooCommerce. The WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review makes it super easy to allow shoppers to leave reviews for your products—but only products that have been purchased by the customer.

“WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review plugin is built to encourage customers to add lovely star ratings & reviews to your products, and make it extremely easy to do so.”

Using the WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review plugin adds features that customers would expect to find on big eCommerce sites.

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7.Rating-Widget: Star Rating Plugins

This is a pretty simple plugin which allows you to give ratings for posts and pages. The plugin supports user ratings and comments.

Rating-Widget plugin also supports WooCommerce product ratings, BuddyPress user ratings, bbPress forum ratings, and custom post type ratings.

The plugin is free but also comes with premium plans. Here’s what is included in the paid plans of Rating-Widget plugin:

  • Power User Ratings.
  • Unlimited Votes.
  • Google Rich Snippets.
  • Management Dashboard.
  • SSL / HTTPS Support.
  • Custom Rating Images.
  • Real-Time Analytics.
  • Mobile Optimized.

8. Gravity Forms Star Rating Field

Easily add a Star Rating Plugins (or thumbs up, hearts, smiley faces, etc.) to your Gravity Form with the Gravity Forms Star Rating Field.

“Choose from 14 different rating style and set some setting options for your rating field.”

Features include:

  • customize and show current rating on hover
  • customize and show rating text on the tooltip
  • and more

If you’re using Gravity Forms, you’ll want to use the Gravity Forms Star Rating Field.

9. Ninja Forms – Unique Fields

The Ninja Forms solution for a star rating is far more robust than any other listed thus far, when using the Ninja Forms – Unique Fields.

While it includes a star rating, it includes many other unique fields.

Additional unique fields include:

  • select, number
  • email, phone, date
  • address, city, zip, state, country
  • and more

And each field gets uniqueness settings, frontend validation, and more.

The Ninja Forms – Unique Fields is a must-have for any Ninja Forms user.

10. Like Button Rating

Have you ever seen like buttons below blog posts and wondered how to add those to your own website?

Well, the last plugin in our list does exactly that!

Like Button Rating is a plugin that lets you add a like button to your posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce products, bbPress forum posts, custom post types, and more. The like button is fully customizable.

The plugin is free and here are some of its features:

  • More than 80 Parameters, 41 Themes, 40 Languages.
  • Google Rich Snippets Support.
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Sorting Content by Like.
  • Real-time Reporting.
  • Voting Statistics.
  • Email Notifications for New Votes.
  • Most Liked Content Widget.
  • Shortcode Support.
  • Tracking voters by IP, Device, Cookies, or Users.
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Full Access to the Like Button CSS.
  • RTL Support.
  • Allows to Collect Donations.

The plugin is really great and has many awesome features that you should definitely check out.

Final Words:

This is the list of the 10 best WordPress Star Rating Plugins to show a star rating in the search results. It’s time to give recommendations based on different criteria and aspects.

These recommendations will help you choose the perfect plugin for your website. Let’s get started.


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