10 Blog Topics that will Make you Rich

I am here to share “10 Blog Topics that will Make you Rich” with you to Make Money online it’s important to figure out about the most productive niches that generate maximum revenue, even before planning to start a blog. What happens for example is, a person might be a good painter and plans to share his painting techniques and his creations on his blog. The idea is appreciable if we talk in terms of talent, but such a blog would hardly attract any traffic. The reason behind this is, the global change is making lives busy where people do not have time to read about your skills, but are in search of fulfilling their own thirst.

Many of our readers have been complaining since a long time that their blogs are not paying them anything, so here is something they need to check about their blogs.
If you are looking forward to high profits in return of easy blogging, you must first know which niche to choose as your blog topic.

Let me share 10 popular blog topics that can bring you massive traffic plus more money.

10 popular topics to get rich

1. Health Blog

Health niche is one of the most lucrative niches out there. The reason is people searching for health solutions have a critical pain point, and so accurate health information is always valuable.

There are sub-niches in health you can get by with researched information but generally, I’d leave the health niche for health experts. You will be advising people about their health (mostly life and death situations), you don’t want to be doing that with stuff you just ‘researched’ (fancy word for copy and paste) over the internet.

If you are facing a health challenge and you are on recovery (like

weight loss or physical fitness

), then it makes sense to start a diaries blog. Blog everyday about your efforts and activities – diet, gym, etc. If you are going to lose weight, might as well make money doing it.

2. Personal Finance

This one can easily fall under how to make money depending on the approach a blog takes. Some personal finance sites teach you how to save money through frugal living while others show you how to make money with investing and side jobs.

One of the larger bloggers in this space is Michelle Gardner. The majority of her income comes from her affiliate link with Bluehost (how to start a blog and make money) along with her affiliate marketing course.

So both of those would fall under the first niche.

The strategy here though is to cast a wide net around frugal living and then you show people that you can live frugally and make a ton of money at the same time.

There are other sites in this niche that range from frugal living to investing. The Busy Budgeter by Rosemarie is another great example of one.

3. How to Make Money

This is the obvious one. The real elephant in the room.

Many beginning bloggers often find themselves asking if they need to start a blog on making money to make any money.

It’s a great question because all of the blogs that teach you how to make money seem to be run by people that only make money through those types of blogs.

Luckily, this isn’t the only niche that can do well with making money but it’s one of the easiest…

…if you can show that you are making money yourself already.

Too many bloggers jump into this niche and take the wrong approach. They pretend that they have the knowledge to share with others about making money online but this audience isn’t stupid.

They know they have other options so if you can’t show them in some way that you know what you are talking about then you won’t be making the type of money you thought.

So does this mean that beginning bloggers can’t enter this niche? Of course not.

The way I would approach it as a beginning blogger would be to treat it more like a blog journey. Chronicle all of the things that are working for you and not working for you. Let people follow you along from day 1.

The catch is, is it better to do this with the how to make money blog or a secondary blog? My gut tells me you should do it with a secondary blog but that means a bit more time. However, it gives you a bit more authority for when you are ready to launch your book or course.

4. Food

This one is notoriously difficult to make money in because the audience isn’t really looking to buy things, they just want recipes.

The best approach is to build up a large audience and use ads to supplement the business. Probably the most well-known blog that does this is Food Blogger Pro, that teaches bloggers how to start a food blog. This goes back to niche #1 and the strategy that I talked about before of starting a blog in a different niche and then teaching people how to duplicate that success on your how to make money blog.

5. Beauty and Fashion

This one for me is the holy grail of successful blogs because not only can you make money but you also gain access to cool events.

The problem though is that it is HARD. While the other niches rely on great written content, beauty and fashion are more reliant on your personality and your ability to continuously get yourself out there.

Most of the big beauty and fashion bloggers focus on YouTube and Instagram because they are visual platforms. Once they build a following there they slowly build out their blogs.

Unsurprisingly, their blogs become more lifestyle blogs that cover a number of different categories beyond fashion and beauty. Why? Because the beauty and fashion niche is all about an overall lifestyle that you live.

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6. Lifestyle

This one is the hardest to describe because it is so broad. Some bloggers take this niche to the extreme and think they can write about anything that involves their life but that isn’t the case.

For example, here are some of the sub-niches I see for this niche:

Homesteading (huge)
Survival (huge)
Home/Outdoor Decor

These are not all of them but these are definitely ones that I would consider creating a blog in.

Monetization methods for this niche are usually ads or printable. With the first 3 sub-niches books can work really well.

To succeed in the lifestyle niche you have to either be solving a problem that a lot of people have (how to organize your home) or you need to write about a topic that people are irrationally passionate about (bullet journals).

There is no in-between if you want to see success early on.

You can point me to examples of bloggers that succeed in this niche that seem to talk about their lives but usually, those bloggers have been around for a while.

To gain traction you either need to solve problems or write about irrationally passionate topics.

7. Personal Development

Just like a lifestyle blog a personal development blog can be tough because many people don’t target a specific problem. They create a blog that is vague on its purpose beyond living a better life.

With personal development, you need to be very specific about what you are helping someone with. For example, you might say:

I promise to help you kick your procrastination habit.


I will help you overcome your depression.

Simply offering a better life doesn’t help out anyone unless you are specific about how you are going to help.

8. Do It Yourself (DIY) Blog

Anything you know how to do, you can teach people how to do and make money. How to change your wristwatch battery, how to fix your kitchen sink, how to make wedding cakes, how to make cupcakes, the list is endless.

What you need: You will need to know how to do it and you will need to show people how to do it. SEO is a priority.

9. Education Blog

Our education system is failing. If you are a teacher, academician or you believe you have something to offer to boost our education system, start a blog and do it.

Sub Niches:

Schools guide, scholarships guide, school profiles, NYSC, subject tutorials, course aid, study abroad, course advisory, past questions and answers, educational loans and grants.

10. News Blog

I’ll be honest with you, I think we have enough news blogs unless you can come up with original, genuine, relevant news content. If you can, then go for it. Your success – and failure – depends on how much you are able to generate traffic to your blog.


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