Top 5 Largest Ad Exchanges List for Publisher – Best and Biggest

Today we going to disucss top 10 biggest ad exchanges.An ad exchange is a digital pool of ad impressions that publishers and advertisers use to sell and buy ads respectively, through real-time bidding. Demand-side Platform (DSP) and Supply-side Platform (SSP) are two platforms used by marketers and publishers respectively to buy or sell ads.However, keep in mind most of these best ad exchanges have high traffic requirement and you should be hitting close to 5 million page views a month to get approved on most of these exchanges.


Top 10 Best Ad Exchanges List of 2017- 2018

1. DoubleClick Ad Exchange


DoubleClick Ad Exchange is one of the biggest ad exchange and one of the best ad exchanges in the world too. It is a global ad marketplace for ad networks, agencies, and third-party technology providers. Interesting features of AdX include a dynamic price floor, which automatically adjusts the price floor for ad inventory based on demand from buyers, and more than 40 unique data signals for advertisers. Publishers can make use of price floor optimizations to increase their overall ad revenue. However, you need to have close to 50 million impressions to be directly eligible for an Ad Exchange account. Features like these make Google ADX one of the top ad exchanges of all time. Otherwise, you can to get in touch with Google Certified Publishing Partners and get a sub-adx account via them. We have seen publishers earn significantly more when they set up video ads and auto-refresh ad units after ADX approval.

2. Smaato


Smaato is the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange, with over 260 demand-side platforms and 190+ integrated ad networks in addition to its private ad marketplace. Publishers have full control over monetization, with minimum pricing options and built-in optimization. One of Smaato’s biggest benefits for publishers is that it works extensively to optimize for the highest possible RPMs. Smaato is a mobile-first ad exchange that offers premium inventory for mobile web traffic as well. You can run it in parallel with your ADX ads by setting up a line item for the same. Smaato is one of the largest mobile ad exchange that helps publishers increase their overall ad revenue from mobile apps and mobile web.

3. OpenX


OpenX is a large, highly powerful ad exchange that is favored by all premium publishers for its highest-quality and independently-rated inventory. OpenX has a variety of premium advertisers and established brands willing to pay top dollar to reach high-quality audiences. However, you need to have a good volume of traffic ( in the range of 10 million) to have an access to Openx. This ad exchange is known to provide a global fill rate for publishers and thus known for its scale. The CPM rates for Openx tends to be around USD 1 and above.

4. AppNexus


Its open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses. As the world’s largest independent ad tech company, AppNexus is led by the pioneers of the web’s original ad exchanges. It has a plethora of tools both for the publishers and marketers. Appnexus has a solid presence in the US especially since it is backed by the advertising giant WPP and offers solid revenue streams for publishers who are looking to additionally monetize their ad impressions via the exchange. It is one of the top ad exchanges of 2017 and will continue to be on the top list for the year 2018 as well. Appnexus was the first to pioneer header bidding technology to ensure that publishers get the maximum out of every impression and continues to innovate growth with offices spread across the globe. The CPMs can range between $1-$2 and branded publishers can gain higher revenue with Appnexus. Definitely one of the best ad exchanges in our list for top news publishers.

5. Oath by AOL


Oath by AOL is a real-time bidding ad exchange that lets publishers access a huge collection of leading brands and advertisers to monetize their content. With transparent reporting and controls for publishers, AOL is a good option for mobile publishers that want to attract brands and established advertisers. With the acquisition of Yahoo, The AOL exchange is now not only limited to display, but also video and native ads can be served. If you’ve strong volume of US traffic on your blog, I recommend AOL, since this exchange has a strong presence in the US, and can offer high CPMs. Both Appnexus and AOL are the best ad exchange for US traffic.

Final Words:

We hope this Ad Exchanges List was helpful to all our publishers who are looking to monetize their blogs/website at premium rates.



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