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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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1. No use of explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images and/or messages, including racist remarks.

2. No posts that attack, insult, "flame", defame, or abuse members or non-members. Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun off, or insult another member or non-member. Agree to disagree.

3. Referal Link are Allowed in every board.

4. No use of multiple usernames. Please register and use only one username for the forums. Posting under multiple user accounts will result in administrative action (ie. banning).

5. No posts of copyrighted material. Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the message boards without the consent of the owner.

6. No posts of lengthy articles. Sharing information is allowed, but the forums are not to be used to publish articles. It is an improper use of critical forum resources. We keep the right to edit and/or shorten contributions if deemed necessary.

7. No posts of an overtly political or religious nature OR posts promoting advocacy of particular personal, medical, legal, religious, political, or non-profit causes.

8. No cryptic posts. Using cryptic messages to "skirt" the rules is not permitted.

9. Do not disrespect moderators. Be respectful in both the forums and any private communications with moderators. Moderators may often be volunteers that donate many hours of their own time to help in the forums. Violations of this rule will not be tolerated.

10. No SHOUTING. Remember, using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in posts is considered yelling and rude, plus it is difficult to read.

11. Do not post offline personal contact information (ie. your home address, phone numbers etc.) and do not ask for personal information from others. Use of full names (your first and last name) is a prerequisite but exchange of personal contact information should proceed with care. This is to protect your security and identity.

12. No irrelevant or off-topic posts. Posts which are not relevant to the forum topic may be deleted at the moderator's discretion.

13. No lengthy signatures. Limit signatures to 10 lines or less. Moderators will edit and/or remove signatures that are too long.

14. We may revise these Rules at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check the board rules once in a while to make sure to take notice of any changes.

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