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NOLLAR - first USD stablecoin with instant & feeless transactions
[Image: DuPMFFdUUAAFIuO.jpg]

The NOS Project - Asset tokenization with instant, feeleess & green transactions.

Our [NOLLAR] is the world's first instant, feeless and green stablecoin.


  •  1:1 backed by USD
  • USD is kept with licensed & regulated trust company, similar setup than TrueUSD, Gemini, Paxos, USDC
  • NOS does not have access to USD, only holders of NOLLA
  • redeemable & audited
  • Blocklattice transactions require 8 mio times less energy than BTC
  • based on fork of Nano
  • instant, feeless & green transactions
  • price stable due to redeemable peg, which creates arbitrage opportunity for market makers

[Image: ?]

Our [NOS] is the native cryptocurrency of the decentralized NOS Network

NOS (XNOS) allows for instant and feeless value transfer. The NOS (XNOS) cryptocurrency has a max supply of 1 Billion NOS (XNOS) that will ever be created. The NOS project give NOS "added value" by effectively burning 20% of all NOS used via direct conversions from Nollar to USD / USD to Nollar on exchanges that use the NOS fiat gateway. Users of Nollar can reduce the conversion fee of 0.4% by 50% if they hold an equal amount of NOS. The burning of NOS (XNOS) in the conversion process make its native currency hyper-deflationary.

  • Decentralized cryptocurrency of the NOS network
  • Limited to 1 Billion maximum supply ( NOS)
  • Instant & feeless transfer & store of value
  • Eco-friendly (NOS (XNOS) and Nano are the most energy efficient cryptocurrencies on the market)
  • Utility (Minimum redeemable value of 0.012$ garanteed when used for Nollar/USD-USD/Nollar conversions. User saves 50% when holding NOS.
  • Hyper-deflationary (added value by NOS project. 20% of all NOS used in Nollar/USD-USD/Nollar conversions will be permanently burned from its supply.

[Image: ?]


[Image: ?]

NOS is an asset tokenization platform with instant, feeless and green transaction. All assets are 100% backed, redeemable and audited. It will revolutionize asset tokenization by being the only platform offering instant, feeless and green transactions.

NOLLAR is a fork of Nano (Raiblocks) so inherits the speed and infinitely cheaper transaction costs that it’s famous for.

The key use cases for the NOLLAR stablecoin are:

  • Cross border payments
  • Providing people in emerging markets access to price-stable USD
  • Remittance
  • IOT trustless and automatic settlement with pay per usage/unit
  • Trading on exchanges
  • Arbitrage trading between exchanges
  • Free & instant P2P payments
  • Traceable charity donations

The key use cases for NOS (XNOS) are:
  • Decentralization
  • Utility (added value through Nollar)
  • Store of value through hyper-deflationary model & limited max supply (added value)
  • Free & instant P2P value transfer
  • Remittance
  • Trading on exchanges
  • Arbitrage trading between exchanges
  • Traceable charity donations

In order for cryptocurrencies to be accepted into the mainstream the fundamental problems of transaction fees, transactions time, volatility and customer experience must be solved.
The current focus is on circulation growth, price-stability, usability for everyday transactions, community driven marketing by people in emerging markets. Easy to use wallets that can be used by the average consumer.

Technical details:

[Image: ?]

Hardware Wallet NOS/Nollar

Ledger Nano S (Nollar supported since January 8th 2019)
Ledger Nano S (NOS coming on February 8th 2019)

Desktop Wallets Nollar

Desktop Wallets NOS

Mobile wallet NOS/Nollar

Android v.1 (Google Playstore)

Block-lattice explorer Nollar:

Block-lattice explorer NOS:

Exchanges & Markets Nollar

Txbit buy/Sell:
Nollar Buy/Sell: Exchange:
MSC Stablecoin Exchange:

Exchanges NOS


Website & social media of NOS/Nollar:

Want to contribute to the NOS/Nollar eco-system? Simply contact our CEO @massi_nos on Telegram

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