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NOS Initiative Airdrop > Clain 30 free xnos Token
NOS - The future of payment networks. Free & instant value transfer for everyone

A global currency & ecosystem in 5 steps
  • Provide free & instant p2p value transfer for people around the world via the NOS payment ecosystem - consisting of NOS Stablecoins (NOLLAR, NEURO, NOUND) and the decentralized cryptocurrency XNOS with their own independed networks.
  • Provide a fiat gateway to facilitate liquidity in and out of NOS stablecoins and add value to XNOS by linking its utility to Nollar, Neuro and Nound. 
  • Launch the NOS Initiative to connect and include over 5 million users over the next few months.
  • Incentivize NOLLAR usage by providing a fair distribution of over 500,000,000 XNOS to the world via NOS Initiative; allowing each member to reserve an equal share of the pie.
  • Reach mass adoption of NOS Stablecoins and NOS (XNOS) on a global scale. Expand into all regions of the world and provide financial inclusion to everyone.
[Image: fb6TEtyt_400x400.png]

NOS Initiative is airdropping 30 XNOS to new users. Create an account at NOS Initiative using a valid invite-only referral link and complete your KYC to receive 30 XNOS. Also get 10 XNOS for each referral up to 9 referrals.
Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the NOS Initiative campaign website
  2. Click on Sign up.
  3. Submit your details and sign up.
  4. You will get 10 XNOS.
  5. Submit your KYC details. (+20 KYC)
  6. You will get a total of 30 XNOS.
  7. Share your referral link and earn 10 XNOX for each referral (up to 9 referrals).
  8. Important: Your referral link will expire after 10 invites.

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